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Chronic caries, increased bone fragility, skin, nail and hair problems are among the most demonstrative symptoms of the deficiency of these minerals. The impairment of the overall health and chronic fatigue feeling as if you do not have a rest at all often join in with them. Vitally important minerals: calcium and zinc will help in solution of so unpleasant problems. They strengthen the body stimulating activity and improving the strength of the musculoskeletal system.

Calcium: secret of strong bones, healthy hair, teeth and nails

Calcium is an indispensable trace element, which is involved in the strengthening and formation of our skeleton. It influences the condition of hair, nail plates, teeth and bones. But it is not the only role of the mineral. Indeed, calcium molecules are in our cells. Therein they perform a signal function being a cofactor of many enzymes at that. If calcium is deficient, not only the skeleton, but all metabolic processes in the body are compromised. Calcium is accumulated in the bone structures. Thanks to this, the body is efficiently functioning. However, a composite trace element is not synthesized by the body. It is necessary to provide the intake of this mineral from the exterior.

Important: if calcium is lacking, the body begins to deplete own reserves. This results in leaching of calcium from the bones. Eventually, the bone structures get weaker, become porous and brittle. Thus, it is important to ensure delivery of this mineral with the food products and biologically active additives.

Calcium digestibility: problem or not?

The mineral molecule in the pure state does not get into the bloodstream. The major part of calcium taken into together with food is simply removed from the body as the waste products. So as to prevent this, calcium compounds with amino acids or glycinates same as bisglycinates are used in the biological additives.
Such elements belong to chelates. Combined molecules. In these molecules, calcium is enclosed in a shell or a specific chela of amino acids. Such approach provides for an opportunity to the walls of the intestine to absorb them successfully providing the body with necessary amount of useful mineral.

Important: glycinate is more efficient than obsolete carbonate or citrate. Furthermore, a compound with amino acids does not have negative effects on the body.It is a safe product, which does not require additional transformations from the molecule, which simplifies the uptake.

How calcium influences the body

The most common mineral in our body. 98 percent of its reserves are stored in the skeleton. But it is not worth to think that calcium is responsible only for bone and tooth strength. Calcium is performing a number of useful functions:

  • activation and passage of pulses through neurons;
  • normal functioning and control of contractibility of the muscle fibers;
  • involvement in the process of blood coagulability and formation of thrombi;
  • blocking of the excessive fat absorption, which prevents the occurrence of bad cholesterol;
  • prevention of osteoporosis;
  • maintenance of health and normal cell functioning because calcium enters into the composition of their fluids, membranes, and nuclei;
  • stabilization of activity of the myocardium, prevention of arrhythmia;
  • reduction of negative effects of stresses on the nervous system

Calcium is also involved in the hormone secretion, including insulin. The coordination of the activities of hypophysis, thyroid and pancreatic glands, adrenal glands, and reproductive organs depends on its amount. If this mineral is deficient, there begin serious hormone imbalances, which have an impact on the activities of the total body.

Daily intake: how much calcium shall be daily taken into the body

Calcium shall be supplied to our body in a strictly limited amount. Indeed, the excess of calcium is harmful too. The excesses of trace element increase load on the kidneys, heart, and the central nervous system. This may result in the development of hypercalcemia, which is accompanied by the systemic failures. Before intake of mineral complexes, you should obligatory consult a doctor. A medical professional will correct the diet and administer a safe dosage of biologically active additives. Also, there are officially approved norms of calcium consumption per day. Necessary amount of trace element in mg depends on your age and body condition:

  • 0 – 6 months of age – 200;
  • 7 – 12 months of age – 260;
  • 1 – 3 years of age – 700;
  • 4 – 9 years of age – 800 – 1000;
  • 10 – 13 years of age – 1000 – 1200;
  • 13 – 18 years of age – 1200;
  • 19 – 51 years of age – 800 – 1000;
  • 51+ years of age – from 200;
  • the first trimester of pregnancy and lactation period – 1300;
  • the remainder of the pregnancy – 1000

The dosage may be changed with account taken of the individual characteristics of your body. Before the beginning of intake, it is important to make clear calcium actual level and consult a doctor.

In which products calcium is contained

We get the largest amount of calcium from hard cheese and milk. This mineral is also contained in such products:

  • chia seeds;
  • roasted almonds;
  • sunflower seeds

Interesting fact: calcium is contained in milk chocolate. Be glad, persons having a sweet tooth, indeed, this is useful and tastily. Do not forget: for the purpose of calcium proper digestion, it is important to saturate the diet with food products with a high vitamin D content. It is worth to consume seafoods, sea fish, broccoli, etc. with dairy products.

Symptoms of calcium deficiency

A lack of the mineral is not only an increase in brittleness of the bones. Upon critical reduction of the amount of calcium, you will see a gradual occurrence of such symptoms:

  • convulsions in the area of gastrocnemius muscles and hips;
  • sleep problems;
  • rapid development of tooth and gum diseases;
  • skin becomes dull and dry; a sense of skin tightness appears;
  • change in the tooth enamel hue;
  • problems with curls – the ends are split, the strands become dull, and the follicles become weaker, which is fraught with loss of hair;
  • brittleness of nails occurs;
  • obesity for no apparent cause, the abdominal one more often;
  • increased or onset of menstrual pain;
  • increase in arterial pressure;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • lack of attention concentration, absence of mind;
  • numbness of fingers, pins and needles sensation thereof;
  • feeling of sleepiness, which is accompanied by complications while attempting to fall asleep

To attention of parents: in children calcium deficiency results in rickets. It is a dangerous disease, which may be accompanied by the softening of the bones. Such disorder may significantly worsen your child’s life in future. Calcium deficiency is supplemented by a particularly broad spectrum of symptoms. However, taken in the aggregate, they are frequently confused with the thyroid disorders. Therefore, it is important to undergo medical tests so that to specify the cause of ailment. If the mineral deficiency is confirmed, one should immediately start taking vitamin and mineral complexes with calcium and vitamin D3. This will help to restore balance.

Zinc: important mineral for coordinated body functioning

This trace element has a systemic effect. Just zinc is involved in hormone and protein synthesis acting as a cofactor in 300 + enzymes in the intestine. Furthermore, it contributes to the formation of a healthy immunity. Our body would simply be unable to function without it. Zinc is not laid up in store, but a small amount of the mineral is always in the body. In women this index is about 1.5 mg being about 2.5 mg in men. This is enough for assurance of the vital activity. Inasmuch as the accumulation does not take place, it is important to maintain the amount of trace element at the appropriate level. The complex biological additives will help in it.

Interesting fact: as far back as approximately 50 years ago, the role of zinc was underestimated. But at present, more innovative technologies and laboratory diagnostic methods are available. Just they made it possible to prove that zinc in microgram and nano quantities is present in the hormone molecules, cell walls, and organelles. It has an integrated effect on the body functioning in the whole.

Role of zinc in our vital activity

The element has a systemic effect on the body. The scientists have already proved that zinc is involved in such processes:

  • Digestion and removal of toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. It is administered in the nutritional disorders and poisonings. Such treatment is suitable for adults and children.
  • Immunomodulating function. Zinc is involved in the formation of healthy immunity. This is a secondary messenger of the immune cells helping to reduce the duration of the acute upper respiratory infections. It is frequently administered to HIV-positive people for the activation of antivirus protection.
  • Control of glucose and fat level. Regulation of these substances in the blood is indispensable in diabetes mellitus.
  • Male reproductive function. Zinc is involved in spermatogenesis and contributes to testosterone production.
  • Antioxidant function. Reduction of negative effects of free radicals, it helps to reduce the risk for developing malignant tumours. Also zinc acts as an activator of vitamins A and E.
  • Intellectual activity. It has been proved that if zinc is deficient, the risk of developing mental subnormality in children is heightened. Indeed, this nutrient stimulates the activation of neurons and improves transmission of nervous impulses.
  • Hormone production. Synthesis of insulin, somatostatin (growth hormone) and testosterone is impossible without zinc.
  • Tissue regeneration. The trace element speeds up the wound healing process and reduces the risk of developing sequelae.
  • Elimination of inflammations: Zinc is administered when treating acne and other skin defects. This is related to the antibacterial effect.
  • Regulation of the activities of the sebaceous glands. Healthy and nice skin without excessive sebum.

Zinc is also effective in preventing common age-related diseases. It reduces the risk for development of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, degenerative changes in the eye retina and other chronic diseases.

Natural sources of zinc

So as to saturate your body with this mineral, it is worth to add the following products to your menu:

  • meat;
  • legumes;
  • seafoods;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • nuts;
  • cacao

Important: it is difficult for the body to digest zinc from legumes and nuts. So as to improve the absorbability of the trace element, it is worth to soak thereof for 1 – 2 hours before eating or cooking.

The mineral is practically not digested in the pure state. More organically compatible form of substance: zinc glycinate is used in biologically active additives. It is easily taken and absorbed by the epithelial cells in small intestine. You get the valuable nutrients in the necessary amount.

How to identify zinc deficiency

Daily dosage of zinc ranges from 5 to 12 mg. However, taking of a large amount of zinc is considered to be safe. Indeed, the excesses are easily excreted from the body in the urine. Meanwhile, zinc deficiency is considerably dangerous. The following symptoms may develop with a deficiency:

  • metabolic disorders, digestive problems;
  • general weakness, loginess;
  • appearance of irritability;
  • loss of hair and increased brittleness of the nail plates;
  • vision problems, difficulties when focusing on specific objects;
  • decrease in immunity, proneness to recurrent colds;
  • change in sensation of tastes;
  • occurrence of tremor in the extremities;
  • loss of appetite;
  • inflammatory rashes on the skin;
  • erection problems;
  • lack of coordination of muscle movements

Furthermore, low level of zinc increases the risk for developing oncological diseases. Thus, it is important regularly saturate the body with a sufficient amount of this mineral.

Specificities of zinc using

Biologically active additives containing zinc should be taken in split portions stretching out daily intake for some takings. Optimally: one capsule two times daily.

Important: avoid overdosage. It is not worth taking more than 100 mg of zinc daily. Also limit intake of any biologically active additives during pregnancy and lactation. Do not combine zinc-containing medications with the copper preparations and some antibiotics.

MINERALS PRO: balanced formula for strengthening health

This is a powerful New Life vitamin and mineral complex. Its active components are easily digested by the body; indeed, biologically active additive is made with the application of innovative technologies. Such approach makes it possible to use the maximum of active ingredients with the minimum amount of auxiliary substances. The preparation is safe and has a broad spectrum of beneficial effects. MINERALS PRO formula contains only necessary nutrients best of all acting being taken together:

  • calcium glycinate;
  • zinc glycinate;
  • methionine;

Why does MINERALS PRO contain vitamin D3

Cholecalciferol is a real sun’s vitamin. It is synthesized by our skin through the exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The main function of this component is help in the uptake of calcium and phosphorus. It is a peculiar guide of calcium molecules to the bloodstream, which helps them to be involved in the cellular metabolism and building of bone tissue. Vitamin D also performs the following functions:

  • involvement in metabolic processes;
  • stabilization of hormonal background;
  • stimulation of cell renewal and division;
  • strengthening immunity

It also promotes decreasing autoimmune reactions.

MINERALS PRO and methionine

It is useful amino acid, which is involved in protein synthesis. It is responsible for supply of sulphur or sulfur to the body. This component helps normal formation of hair follicles, skin and nail plates. Methionine also has the whole spectrum of beneficial effects:

  • involvement in hormone synthesis, including serotonin, adrenalin, and melatonin;
  • control of sleep-wake schedule, abolition of insomnia;
  • regulation of metabolic processes;
  • improvement of the overall health

This amino acid stimulates energy production. You get a surge of vigour increasing productivity during the workday.

Why MINERALS PRO is worth being taken

Regular intake of this biological additive results in such positive changes:

  • strengthening bones and increase in their mineral density;
  • prevention of a number of dangerous disorders, including osteoporosis, arthrosis, and osteochondrosis;
  • improvement of the state of the skin, elimination of hormonal and inflammatory rashes;
  • control of the activities of the sebaceous glands;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • increased elasticity and improvement of contractility of the muscle carcass;
  • normalization of the state of hair and nails

A biological additive also helps to stabilize hormonal background, which improves the quality of life.

Rules for intake of MINERALS PRO vitamin and mineral complex

The composition of biologically active additive is optimally balanced. It is worth taking it one capsule two times daily. The intake of biologically active additive should be combined with eating.

Important: the medication is saturated with useful minerals and vitamins in a strictly safe dosage. But if you have individual susceptibility to any component, it is worth to give up using biological additive. There are no any other restrictions.

MINERALS PRO is an innovative complex formula. Biological product improves the overall health, strengthens the structures of the musculoskeletal system, restores natural beauty of the skin, hair and nails. There is nothing to do but enjoy every lived day, indeed, you have already taken care of the health.

The natural cosmetics and dietary supplements can be bought in the official NEW LIFE online shop. You will also receive all tools for successful development of own MLM business. Take care of your health and develop together with us.

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