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The digital generation spends most of the time in front of the computer or smartphone screens. This has an impact on the visual acuity, the eye fatigue and annoying itch occur. Are you familiar with these symptoms? The intake of lutein and useful for eyes vitamins:E, B1, B2, B6, B3, B12, and C as well as biotin, folic and pantothenic acidswill help to solve the problem.

These substances have an integrated effect on the visual organs and on the health in the whole. All of them are contained in New Live VISION PRO. The formula is balanced, which enables each component to uncover the whole spectrum of treatment and preventive effects.

Lutein: benefit to eyes and the body in the whole

The quality and clarity of vision depend on it. Lutein is a natural yellow pigment. The leaves, flowers and fruit of the plants are rich in it. The substance performs a function of the absorption of light rays therein. It protects the surfaces from the negative effect of harmful ultraviolet spectrum. Simply said, thanks to lutein, the leaves, flowers and fruit do not burn in the sun.

The plants are not the only place of yellow pigment location. Lutein was found by the scientists in the central portion of the retina or in the macule. Its concentration therein is 10 000 times higher than in the blood. It is important, because the light beam passing through the eye is focused on the retina. Furthermore, the photoreceptors, which are responsible for peripheral vision and twilight vision, are located just therein.

What for does retina need lutein? It is a substance with the marked antioxidant properties. The scientists have proved that lutein entraps the aggressive light beams. It reflects 80 percent of harmful radiation with the ultraviolet and blue ranges. This prevents damaging effect of rays on the eyes, reduces the risk of a retinal macular degeneration and the development of blindness.

Important: lutein is not synthesized by our body. It is important to provide for its taking from the outside with the food products and vitamins.

What are the benefits of lutein

The yellow pigment has an integrated effect on the visual organs and on the body in the whole. Taking dietary supplements with this ingredient, you will value such positive changes:

  • improvement of the acuity of day and twilight vision;
  • prevention of eye diseases, including myopia, glaucoma, cataract, retinal degeneration, etc.;
  • toning and normalization of the state of the vessel walls;
  • neutralization of the effects of free radicals, which has a beneficial effect on the body in the whole;
  • accelerated tissue regeneration in the eye structures;
  • protection from negative effects of the blue and violet spectra;
  • reduced inflammatory processes in the ischemia;
  • normalization of the blood sugar level and activation of insulin work;
  • improvement of memory and cognitive processes;
  • prevention of formation of cholesterol plaques in the vessels, which reduces the risk of coronary thrombosis and cerebrovascular accident

Furthermore, the marked antioxidant properties of lutein help to reduce the risk for developing malignant tumours. This component shall be present in our body in a sufficient amount.

Eating healthy food eat: wherein lutein is contained

A balanced diet is a cornerstone of health and longevity. So as to provide the body with a sufficient amount of lutein, it is worth to add the following food products to the everyday menu:

  • spinach (it contains the highest amount of lutein);
  • blueberries;
  • greenery;
  • apricots;
  • fresh peas;
  • sweet pepper (red);
  • green head cabbage;
  • broccoli;
  • marrow squash;
  • raspberries;
  • pumpkin;
  • egg yolk

Important: our body needs at least 5 mg of this carotenoid per day. But inasmuch as our diet contains a small amount of greenery, fruit and useful vegetables, it is necessary to fill up the balance taking biologically active additives.

When taking biological additives, it is worth remembering that by no means all lutein from the formula is taken up. The manufacturers increase the amount of this substance. Such approach enables the body to get strictly necessary dosage of the yellow pigment.

Vitamins E and C: benefit to eyes

These are powerful antioxidants with the marked rejuvenating, immunomodulating, and anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, vitamins E and C have a beneficial effect on the visual organs:

  • reduction of the risk for developing cataract and help in treatment thereof;
  • strengthening of the capillary walls;
  • improvement of the state and maintenance of the optimal tone in the eyeground vessels.

Vitamin C also helps to reduce the intraocular pressure and prevents developing glaucoma. It is an important component necessary for the maintenance of health of your eyes.

Important: the beneficial effects of these substances are enhanced, if you are taking them together with lutein.

You can also get a small amount of useful substances having corrected your diet. Ascorbic acid is contained in citrus fruits, dog rose, sweet pepper, sea buckthorn, fennel, cabbage, potatoes and many other food products. The vegetable oils, nuts, and sunflower seeds are saturated with vitamin E.

Biotin, vitamin V3 and folic acid for improvement of the function of the eyes

These components are indispensable for preventive purposes. They have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and help the optic nerve to get necessary useful elements. This prevents decrease in visual acuity and improves the visual quality.

So as to increase the content of these components in the body, it is necessary to widen your own menu. The yeast, liver, soya, kidneys, nuts, and cereals are rich in biotin. The chicken giblets, liver, legumes, spinach, asparagus, and linseed oil are saturated with folic acid. One may get vitamin B3 eating buckwheat, haricot bean, chicken meat, potatoes, carrots, and apples. It is also contained in the liver and kidneys.

Benefit of vitamin B1 to the eyes

Thiamine protects vessels from the negative effects of insulin and glucose as well as prevents the destruction of the nerve fibers. Furthermore, vitamin B1 has a beneficial effect on the function of the pupil of the eye and stabilizes the intraocular pressure. It helps to focus on the particular objects and increases the focusing sharpness.

So as to increase the level of vitamin B1, it is worth to balance the diet. Thiamine is contained in cedar nuts, brown rice, pistachio, pork, and sunflower seeds.

How does vitamin B2 affect the vision

The riboflavin is highly digestible and has an integrated effect on the functioning of the total body. It strengthens the optic nerve and has a beneficial effect on the function of the eyes:

  • reduction of fatigue, which is of special importance when working on the computer;
  • involving in building the visual purple;
  • protecting the retina from the negative effects of ultraviolet exposure

Riboflavin also enhances the beneficial effects of lutein and helps in building the protective barrier from solar radiation.

It is also possible to increase the level of vitamin B2 at home. It is enough to add the following food products to your everyday menu: fish, green pea, buckwheat, oatmeal, and yeast. However, the riboflavin content in foods is not high, and it is worth to take biologically active additives additionally.

Vitamin B6 and benefit to the eyes

The pyridoxine releases tension from the muscle fibers and eliminates spasms. This component also helps to relax eyes after eye-straining workday. It is an indispensable additive for those who works on the computer on a systematic basis.

The office clerks and smartphone lovers should widen the diet. The pyridoxin is contained in fish, nuts, whole grains, and bread.

Benefit of vitamin B12 to the visual function

The cyanocobalamin is involved in the blood formation and improves the blood count. It saturates it with nutrients and oxygen. Taking biologically active substances containing thereof, you are improving the quality of vision.

The cyanocobalamin improves the blood supply to the ball of the eye. It also helps to saturate the optic nerve with oxygen and nutrients as well as has a beneficial effect on the visual acuity. Do not forget to correct your everyday menu.

The following food products are rich in vitamin B12: mollusks, shellfishes, fish, red meat, tofu, milk, and beef liver.

Medicinal properties of pantothenic acid

The element contributes to the normalization of the blood supply to the eyes. The intake of pantothenic acid also reduces the risk for developing conjunctivites. It is an indispensable helper for adults and children.

It has a beneficial effect on the activities of the total body. So as to increase its content in the blood, it is necessary to enrich your own menu. Pantothenic acid is contained in the following products: pea, yeast, hazelnut, buckwheat, oatmeal, cauliflower, and liver.

While an integrated approach is important

The visual organs are the complicated structures consisting not only of the retina with photoelements, but also of the blood vessels, optic nerve and other elements. But lutein and the intake of certain vitamins alone are insufficient for the maintenance of the health of the eyes.

Best of all, these substances work taken together. They help each other. But it is important to keep optimal dosage of each ingredient. It is worth to select biological additives with a balanced formula such as VISION PRO.

Who needs to start taking biologically active additives for the health of the eyes

The people working on the computer on a regular basis and sparing more than one hour a day to a smartphone are in the risk group for visual impairments. Each of us fall in this category. Such symptoms shall especially set on the alert:

  • eyes get tired quickly, heavy eyelids;
  • it is difficult to focus vision in the twilight; the objects are swimming;
  • you begin to bring the face closer to the screen when working on the computer;
  • dilated capillaries are seen on the balls of the eyes;
  • the itch has occurred, it is a constant desire to touch the eyelids and scratch thereof;
  • excessive sleepiness and undue fatiguability

So as to reduce the negative effects of state-of-the-art technologies on the balls of the eyes, it is necessary to restore balance of useful substances on a regular basis.

Helpful advices for improving vision

It is not enough simply live a customary life. Indeed, each of us can reduce negative effects on the eyes. So as to prevent a number of vision impairments, it is worth to follow the simple rules:

  • intake of biologically active additives with lutein and necessary vitamins;
  • wearing spectacles when working on the computer or use of smartphone;
  • eye exercises;
  • balanced diet with the right combination of essential nutrients;
  • regular rest and sound sleep

These simple actions contribute to the maintenance of the visual acuity. However, the bad ecology and the digitalization of society exacerbate the condition of the eyes. It is worth additionally protect the visual organs from the negative factors. The phytopreparations will help to build a natural barrier.

VISION PRO: complex biological additive with lutein and vitamins for vision

It is a biologically active preparation saturating the eye with useful substances. The complex formula contains all elements in the optimal dosage. They interact effectively enabling the opening up of medicinal properties of each component. Regular intake of VISION PRO additive results in the following spectrum of positive changes:

  • improvement of the acuity of day and twilight vision;

  • prevention of cataract, glaucoma and other diseases;

  • normalization of the intraocular pressure;

  • stabilization of the function of the pupils of the eyes;

  • strengthening of capillaries;

  • improvement of oxygen supply to the ball of the eye and to the optic nerve

    The preparation also nourishes the visual organs with the essential trace elements. It is a safe way to take care of the health of the eyes.

New Life LLC uses patented technologies and actively introduces innovations. It makes it possible to create biologically active additives with balanced formula and the maximum amount of active substances. The content of auxiliary components is decreased. Such approach promotes the production of really effective and safe phytopreparations.

Specificities of VISION PRO intake

The biologically active additive should be taken within a thirty-day course. The preparation is taken one capsule two times daily.

Important: one should give up taking VISION PRO in the presence of individual sensitivity to the active components. It is also not worth taking any preparations during pregnancy and lactation.

Our everyday comfort depends on the quality of vision. It is worth thinking about the functioning of the eyes before the occurrence of alarm symptoms. The vitamins and lutein will help you to prevent many diseases. The essential components are contained in New Life optimally balanced biologically active complex VISION PRO. It is a simple and safe way to take care of your own vision.

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