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Chronic fatigue feeling, decrease in immunity, uncontrolled weight gain and problems with concentration of attention are the common symptoms. Such unpleasant manifestations are familiar practically to everyone. Their presence is indicative of the dysfunctions of the endocrine and the immune systems. It is important timely start to correct the current situation.

Sea and freshwater algae will help to solve the problem. They are rich in useful proteins, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is the universal remedy for gaining in health created by the nature itself. But it is not always pleasant to take algae. Besides, so as to consume the required amount of useful substances, it will be necessary to eat a considerable amount thereof. It is worth to start taking effective and safe biologically active additives such as OCEAN PRO. Each capsule contains a balanced formula consisting of the most useful algae, laminaria, spirulina, chlorella, and wakame.

Where does the strength of algae lie in?

The underwater plants present one of the earliest life forms on the Earth. They have been existing in a practically unchanged form from times immemorial. During the time of their existence, the algae could adapt to life not only in freshwater, but also in saltwater. They absorb and concentrate useful substances: minerals, amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, fats, and iodine. The therapeutic properties of underwater plants were already evaluated by the ancient Aztecs and representatives of the Asian cultures. Just they have discovered the medicinal properties of algae and begin not only consume thereof, but also prepare medicinal infusions, powders, and ointments. At present, the benefits of underwater herbs have been scientifically proven. The intake of algae-based biologically active additives has a whole spectrum of beneficial effects:

  • normalization of activities of the endocrine and the immune systems;
  • natural body cleansing;
  • improvement of the overall health;
  • weight management;
  • skin toning;
  • stabilization of the activities of the body during recovery after diseases and surgeries;
  • normalization of the thinking and intellectual processes;
  • surge of vigour and energy

But it is essential to recall that besides systemic effect, each type of aquatic plants has the specific peculiarities. In particular, it relates to the aminaria, spirulina, wakame, and chlorella. We shall talk about the most useful algae in more details.

Laminaria: universal soldier on guard of beauty and health

Everyone knows this alga since childhood. Indeed, laminaria is nothing more than famous sea kale. This brown alga is growing in the seas and oceans. It selects not very deep areas (4 – 10 m) with considerably a swift water for growing and development. It helps to filter water extracting the maximum amount of trace elements therefrom.

Which active substances are contained in laminaria

The alga is rich in such useful elements:

  1. Iodine. The main component of thyroid hormones. It is involved in the regulation of protein, fat, carbohydrate, and energy metabolism. Iodine also stimulates activities of the brain, nervous and cardiovascular system, sexual and mammary glands. If this substance is deficient, the normal functioning of the thyroid gland is impossible.
  2. B-group vitamins. Powerful antioxidants contributing to the removal of free radicals. They also strengthen the body and have a toning effect on the skin. Just B-group vitamins are responsible for natural rejuvenation.
  3. Amino acids. They are the real body helpers increasing the intensity of uptake of vitamins and minerals. Amino acids also normalize the transmission of nerve impulses being beneficial to the activity of the central nervous system.
  4. Vitamins A, C, E, and PP. They are useful for the skin, musculoskeletal system and for the body as a whole.
  5. Fatty acids. They strengthen the cell membranes, which contributes to the improvement of the functioning of all organs and system.
  6. Trace elements. Laminaria is rich in phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, manganese, etc. Each trace element strengthens the body and contributes to the normalization of its function.
  7. Proteins. They are called the builders of our body. These substances are involved in the transport of useful substances and normalize the energy balance. Proteins are also the elements of cell building.
  8. Alginates. They contribute to the skin rejuvenation and toning.
  9. Fucoxanthin. It is a specific substance, which helps to burn fatty deposits and manage weight.
  10. Fucoidan. It normalizes blood composition considerably strengthening the health of cardiovascular system. It also protects from vascular occlusion.
  11. Cellulose. The component normalizes the activities of the gastrointestinal tract.

As you can see, the amounts of useful elements in laminaria are impressive. This alga is widely used all over the world. It may be consumed or taken as a biologically active additive. The useful properties are better manifested in a concentrated form – in biologically active additives and in phytopreparations.

Who needs laminaria

This alga has a broad spectrum of beneficial effects. It is recommended to be taken during rehabilitation after diseases, traumas and surgeries. Furthermore, the intake of preparations with laminaria is indicated in such cases:

  • dysfunction of thyroid gland;
  • iodine deficiency;
  • anemia;
  • overweight;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • depressive disorders;
  • high bad cholesterol level;
  • low libido;
  • presence of atherosclerosis;
  • recurrent constipation;
  • different types of avitaminosis

Laminaria should also be taken for delicate body cleansing from waste and for the prevention of oncological diseases.

Beneficial medicinal and cosmetic properties

Regular intake of sea kale and intake of preparations based thereon has a spectrum of beneficial effects:

  • normalization of the activity of the endocrine system, increase in iodine level;
  • improvement of thinking processes, memory, and attention;
  • help in removal of heavy metals from the body;
  • reduction of bad cholesterol level;
  • normalization of blood count, prevention of thrombosis;
  • abolition of constipation and stabilization of the activities of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • removal of waste, toxins, and radionuclides;
  • optimization of acid-alkaline and fluid balance;
  • reduction of stress level, improvement of mood, and abolition of depression;
  • strengthening of teeth, nails and hair;
  • elimination of excess fatty deposits in the abdominal area and on the hips;
  • retardation of natural aging;
  • beneficial influence on the skin

Thanks to such useful properties, sea kale is widely used in traditional and folk medicine as well as in cosmetology.

How to take laminaria

It may be taken by three methods:

  1. Intake. It is enough to buy sea kale in a shop. But it is worth remembering that the daily dose of iodine is 0.15 mg. Calculate the weight of ready-prepared product proceeding from the concentration.
  2. Local use. The masks, creams, and ointments with laminaria. They are applied to the skin and used in cosmetology.
  3. Biologically active additives. Laminaria is contained in OCEAN PRO. It is worth taking one capsule of phytopreparation two times daily.

Important: the individuals with increased susceptibility to iodine should give up taking laminaria. The women should also be cautious about taking preparations with sea kale during pregnancy and lactation. In this specific time, the total body sensitivity is increased.

What are the benefits of spirulina?

It is difficult to be seen with the naked eye because it is a real cyanobacterium. But it is not worth being frightened of its name. Indeed, blue-green freshwater algae with a broad spectrum of medicinal effects are behind it. Spirulina contributes to the improvement of memory and stimulates intellectual activity. It also has a beneficial effect on vision, stabilizes pressure and boosts immunity. These algae are also involved in the reduction of bad cholesterol level in the blood.

Active substances or which useful substances are contained in spirulina

It is rich in such elements:

  1. Amino acids. The building material for muscle fibers. Such substances also contribute to the normalization of the activities of the total body. It is worthy of note that spirulina contains all the twenty-two amino acids.
  2. B-group vitamins (B2, B3, B12, and B9). These vitamins optimize the energy balance, are involved in metabolic processes and have a beneficial effect on the activities of the cardiovascular and the reproductive systems. Vitamin complex also retards natural skin aging.
  3. Beta carotene. It improves the state of the skin cover and has a positive effect on vision.
  4. Vitamin E. This component normalizes muscle tone and nourishes the skin.
  5. Chlorophyll. The substance strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves immunity.
  6. Iodine. It is not so much as in laminaria, but it is present. It has a positive effect on the activity of the endocrine system.
  7. Cystine. It performs a function of cleansing the blood from toxins.
  8. Trace elements. They have a positive effect on the activities of the body in the whole.
  9. Phycocyanin. It is indispensable in prevention of malignant tumours. Indeed, the component helps combating onco-cells.

Spirulina - is a real superfood. This alga will become an indispensable helper for your body.

Where is the good of taking spirulina: spectrum of beneficial effects

Having started taking preparations based thereon, you will appreciate the following specificities:

  • normalization of the activities of the immune system and increased resistance to the seasonal colds;
  • weight loss because spirulina stimulates a sense of fullness;
  • improved working ability;
  • improvement of mood and stabilization of the psycho-emotional status;
  • blood thinning and reducing the risk of thrombosis;
  • body cleansing, removal of waste and stabilization of the activities of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • prevention of cardiovascular problems and reduction of the risk for developing oncological diseases;
  • skin toning, abolition of the inflammatory responses and irritations, restoration of resilience;
  • reduction of the negative effects of stresses on the central nervous system

Blue-green freshwater algae also help with a concentration of attention and have a beneficial effect on the process of remembering information.

Specificities of spirulina intake

The dietary supplements with these algae are worth to be taken every day, one capsule twice a day. Thus, you will provide your body with the required amount of useful substances. Do not forget about restrictions. Give up taking spirulina if you are suffering from the autoimmune diseases or are taking anticoagulants. It is also worth be cautious about taking any medicines and biologically active substances during pregnancy and lactation.

Useful properties of chlorella

A great deal of medicinal components is hidden in single-celled green algae. These are the microscopic elements, which size does not exceed 10 µm. If you are taking chlorella preparations, you are revitalizing the total body. A spectrum of its beneficial effects is scientifically grounded.

What does chlorella contain

The formula of green alga is impressive; indeed, it is rich in such substances:

  1. Proteins. It contains a phenomenal amount thereof: 55 percent of dry mass. They are the builders of our body cells involved in the transport of nutrients and normalization of the energy balance.
  2. Vitamin C. It boosts immunity and improves the activities of the total body. Furthermore, ascorbic acid contributes to the effective uptake of iron, which is also contained in chlorella.
  3. Fatty acids. 80 percent of them contain omega-3. They are beneficial for the immunity, skin, and the central nervous system.
  4. Amino acids. They help in the development of the muscle carcass. Chlorella contains 20 amino acids.
  5. B-group vitamins. The antioxidants having a beneficial effect on the state of hair and nails, tone the skin, and help combating free radicals.
  6. Trace elements. Chlorella is rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium and copper. They have a positive effect on the body in the whole and reduce negative effects of stresses.
  7. Provitamin A. The element tones the skin and retards natural aging. It also improves the quality of vision.

Chlorella is a powerful superfood. It has the integrated effects on the body retarding the aging, intensely nourishing and improving its barrier functions.

What good is chlorella

It has the following spectrum of effects:

  • strengthening immunity, stimulation of producing white blood cells;
  • elimination of inflammations and irritations, acceleration of regeneration and healing;
  • retardation of biological aging, toning the skin and the total body;
  • marked antioxidant properties and help in combating free radicals;
  • normalization of microflora and peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • delicate body cleansing, removal of toxic substances, waste, lactic and uric acids;
  • stimulation of intellectual activity, improvement of memory and attention;
  • stabilization of the activity of the central nervous system, improving resistance to stress factors;
  • healthy weight loss and speeding up the metabolic processes;
  • control of arterial pressure;
  • diabetes prevention and normalization of the blood sugar level;
  • reduction of bad cholesterol level;
  • increased efficiency of sports trainings and activities

Chlorella is also indispensable for vegetarians. This alga helps to saturate the body with proteins and amino acids, which are indispensable for normal vital function.

Queue for chlorella: whom it is worth immediately start taking

These algae have the integrated effects and serve as a prophylactic remedy for many diseases: from the common acute upper respiratory infections to malignant tumours. It is worth being included in the everyone’s diet.

Let us take chlorella properly

A broad list of beneficial effects provides for the existence of contraindications. It is worth to give up taking biologically active substances containing containing chlorella during pregnancy and lactation as well as the individuals suffering from hemochromatosis and the autoimmune diseases. Consult the doctor before starting to take phytopreparations containing these green algae in such cases:

  • resistance to iodine;
  • hypercoagulability;
  • Warfarin intake

Every one else is recommended to take biologically active substances containing chlorella. Such phytopreparations have the marked beneficial effects. They should be taken one capsule two times daily.

Wakame: benefits of “sea ginseng”

A scientific name of these brown seaweeds is undaria pinnate. Marine plants, which vegetate in the large-scale colonies. Every Japanese food lover met undaria. Indeed, wakame is used for cooking traditional salads, miso soup and even sushi rolls. Their eating qualities have taken over the world. However, the medicinal properties are considered to be of higher value. It is not for nothing that already in the Ancient China this seaweed was called “sea ginseng”.

Formula of wakame

The benefit of undaria is associated with the content of such useful substances:

  1. Iodine. It normalizes the activity of the endocrine system and stimulates the intellectual activity.
  2. Antioxidants. They contribute to the elimination of free radicals and improve the overall health.
  3. Folic acid (B9). It is indispensable for normalization of the activity of the central nervous system. This substance is also useful in the early stages of pregnancy.
  4. Trace elements. Wakame is rich in manganese, copper, magnesium, sodium, iron. Selenium, calcium, and zinc. Such complex has a beneficial effect on the total body strengthening the musculoskeletal system, stabilizing the activities of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. They are indispensable for the activities of the central nervous system, cardiovascular and immune systems. Polyunsaturated fatty acids also rejuvenate and nourish the skin, help to combat inflammations and speed up healing process.
  6. Retinol and beta carotene. They speed up and stimulate cell renewal. This tones and refreshes the skin as well as helps to combat wrinkles and pigmentation.
  7. Fucoxanthin. It contributes to the effective fat burning.
  8. Amino acids. They strengthen and tone muscles.
  9. Eicosapentaenoic acid. It is helpful in cell building and stimulates brain activity. Mono- and polysaccharides are also contained in wakame. They provide the body with energy.

Such components are indispensable for maintenance of the normal vital activity.

Health benefit of wakame

The intake of preparations with this seaweed has such spectrum of effects:

  • cleansing the blood from poisons and toxins;
  • reduction of bad cholesterol level;
  • improvement of the state of hair and nail
  • delicate weight loss, waste removal;
  • normalization of menstrual cycle and elimination of hormonal imbalance;
  • prevention of cerebrovascular accidents, coronary thromboses and oncological diseases;
  • provision of oxygen transfer to the muscles and internal organs immunostimulating effect;
  • strengthening and toning of the body;
  • reduction of the negative effects of stresses;
  • improved working ability;

Wakame is indispensable during pregnancy and lactation. Useful substances contribute to the normal development of the fetal nervous system and help the mother’s body to restore after childbirth.

Who should take preparations with wakame

Undaria is safe and attracts by a broad spectrum of beneficial effects. It is worth being included in the everyone’s diet. If you do not like similar courses, they may be replaced with the intake of phytopreparations.

Strength of four algae in OCEAN PRO

It is a safe phytopreparation with the concentrated formula. It contains laminaria, spirulina, and chlorella. Such composition provides an integrated effect on the body in the whole. Regular intake of OCEAN PRO improves the overall health, strengthens immunity, stimulates brain activity and helps to get rid of many health problems. And also, do not forget about the esthetic advantages. Indeed, the medication improves the state of the skin, has the rejuvenating and toning effects. Select safe and effective dietary supplements with New Life.

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