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Series of cosmetic products 39 EXCTRACTS

A series of cosmetic products 39 EXTRACTS is based on an exclusive complex of extracts of 39 herbs. There are no analogues having such combination of herbs in the world! 39 EXTRACTS are the natural concentrates of all natural substances containing in the plants. These are the large amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and nutrients rejuvenating and soothing the skin, moisturizing, and accelerating cell renewal.

“Gel 39 is as sun, air and water, it is impossible to live without it,” Valentyna Hashenko.

39 EXTRACTS complement each other ideally and work in a wonderful harmony when being combined in a natural indigenous formula.

They have a multilateral positive impact being a universal helper in everyday care procedures.

All products of the 39 EXTRACT series

“Excellent series! I am using it with a great pleasure!” Iryna Klopynskaia.

We are utterly sure in the effectiveness and quality of the extracts because we have developed our own unique extraction technology and created our own state-of-the-art equipment being best suited for retention and multiplication of medicinal properties of the plants. The unique character of 39 EXTRACTS lies in the fact that all beauty products contain a universal complex of extracts and specially selected natural active substances aimed at the maximum achievement of necessary result with a view to ensuring the effectiveness for each cosmetic product.

We have united 39 EXTRACTS with the essential oils of tea tree and rosemary, and have obtained a universal gel – an essential product for all occasions.

39 EXTRACTS toner when being applied to the skin on an everyday basis, improves its overall health and fills it with the vital force. Besides the extracts, it contains such natural components as the castor oil and D-Panthenol (vitamin B5).

Hair mask and herbal shampoo

39 EXTRACTS and salicylic acid entering in to the composition of problem skin cream help to cope with the skin imperfections and always look faultless.

Cleansing gel based on a complex of 39 EXTRACTS and bisabolol gently cleanses and revitalizes the skin preventing the occurrence of acne eruption.

“First aid kit in a bag.” Elena Vlasenko.

A balanced composition of 39 EXTRACTS shampoo saturates the structure of the hair with the essential vitamins and trace elements markedly improving the appearance, preventing the occurrence of scurf, dryness and loss.

The bioactive substances containing in the hair mask, which is planned to be released in the nearest possible time, combined with the burdock oil, taurine and sulfur, deeply moisturize each hair forming a protective coating, revitalizing and improving the appearance.

Toothpaste based on 39 EXTRACTS of natural herbs

Toothpaste based on 39 EXTRACTS with colloidal silver aids beauty of smile, health of teeth and gums. It exerts powerful refreshing and antimicrobial actions, strengthens gums, reduces their sensitivity, helps to combat gum bleeding and exerts the anti-inflammatory effect.

“This is really an essential product for all occasions! We liked Gel 39 from the first minute of use! Gel 39 is helpful for the mosquito bites, relieves itching, for cuts (staunches the flow of blood and anaesthetizes), for burns, toothache, sore throat, for cutting of the teeth, and for blows. We always have it at home, in a backpack and a bag,” Nata Kyshniryk.

A series 39 extracts is a natural and original way to present oneself beauty, youth and health thanks to a broad spectrum of action of properly selected natural ingredients.

A series based on the unique complex of 39 extracts is an exclusive combination of herbs having no world analogues. Its unicity lies in the fact that it consists of thoroughly selected extracts, which complement each other and work in an ideal harmony for keeping up and restoration of health, skin and hair beauty.

Washing gel for problem skin 39 extracts

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