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New Life enhanced formula dietary supplements

Who did not feel increased fatigue, permanent sleepiness and general depression of strength? Chronic headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, periodic numbness of limbs, and impaired concentration are frequently added to these symptoms. New Life biologically active supplements will help to get rid of these and other health problems.

Our Company is using only concentrated extracts of medicinal plants and mushrooms. This makes it possible to ensure maximally effective impact on the problem and revitalize the whole body. At the same time, a team of specialists is constantly working on the enhancement of positive impact of biologically active supplements to the effect that they work better, faster and without health risks.

“State-of-the-art technologies and unique equipment make it possible for us to reduce the amounts of auxiliary raw materials by several times and increase the concentration of active substances several-fold. Renewed capsules contain the maximum portion of natural plant extracts and the minimum of excipients,” Lebedenko Viktoriia Vitaliivna, Managing Partner of NEW LIFE LLC.

We are regularly updating production, correcting formulae of phytopreparations and enlist the services exclusively of the specialists with a long-term working experience. It improves the quality and effectiveness of New Live biological supplements.

The types of enhanced formula biologically active supplements and their advantages

To create the preparations, we have carried out an analysis of the modern tendencies for a healthy lifestyle and control of consumed nutrients. This refers to a combination of factors influencing on the body state: daily habits, diet and environmental conditions, in which you are living. Having analyzed all this, we developed a unique formulation with the maximum concentration of useful substances. At the same time, the amounts of auxiliary raw materials are considerably decreased. For this reason, biologically active supplements strengthen your health and ensure reliable protection of the body.

It is worth to accentuate such advantages of New Life innovative biological supplements:

  • renewed capsules – they contain a maximum dosage of the natural plant extracts;
  • safety – the amounts of excipients is minimized;
  • capsule standardized volume of 50 mg – this indicator is achieved thanks to more voluminous and lighter plant extracts;
  • the best components – certified ingredients were purchased from the distributors from the international market having an impeccable reputation;
  • informative design – a detailed description and complete composition (active + auxiliary components) in some languages, which conforms to the Western Standards, are stated on the packaging;
  • quality guarantee – NEW LIFE products underwent certification according to ISO 22000 (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and ISO 9001 systems.

Important: we use only safe auxiliary substances, which do not cause harm to the body.

They are necessary for the enhancement of technological and organoleptic properties of biologically active components. For this reason, the drugs act quickly and safely. There are no any side effects, this is because our biologically active components are easily digestible and act effectively.

The innovative approach made it possible to present to our clients the quality products with an enhanced formula. Today we shall consider complex preparations:

Each product has a spectrum of useful effects and conforms to the International Quality Standards. We shall talk about the specificities and benefits of such biological supplements in more details.

Concentrated extracts from medicinal plants and mushrooms


This is a biologically active supplement developed with the use of enhanced formula. For your convenience, a biologically active supplement is produced in comfort hard-shell capsules. At the same time, Kawaratake mushroom dried extract is used as an active component.

This mushroom attracts by a plenitude of useful effects and a centuries-old history. Thus, it has a specific name in different countries:

  • Japan – Kawaratake or growing near the river;
  • China – Yun Zhi or Cloud Mushroom;
  • North America – Turkey Tail Mushroom

Usually, the mushroom grows on the dried wood in broad-leaved forests. It is collected in different forms at all stages of development.

More than 300 scientific works are devoted to Kawaratake as well as dozens of controlled clinical trials have been carried out. You may be sure that the benefit of the mushroom has been proven. For this reason, it is actively used in modern medical practices and in the conventional herbal treatment. Indeed, there are no analogues to it in the spectrum of useful effects.

But how do biologically active supplements of mushroom act? The issue is about a unique composition. Indeed, Kawaratake extract contains:

  • complex of essential amino acids;
  • highly active polysaccharides;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • the B-group vitamins as well as D3, F and C;
  • trace elements in easily digestible organic form – the phytopreparation is rich in manganese, iron, chromium, zinc, boron, copper, potassium, calcium, and cobalt;
  • flavonoids

Thanks to such composition, Kawaratake extracts exert the pronounced immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial effects. Biologically active supplements exert a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and normalize lipid metabolism at that.

Using Kawaratake extract, you will appreciate the following spectrum of useful effects:

  • reducing the blood cholesterol level;
  • prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • normalization of heart rate;
  • decrease in arterial pressure;
  • elimination of allergy symptoms;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • help in removal of toxins;
  • normalization of hepatic and renal functions;
  • antioxidant activity;
  • fixation of free radicals;
  • activation of immunity and antiviral effect, including herpes and Epstein-Barr viruses;
  • antifungal effect – the drug is recommended for candidiasis (lesion with the genus Candida albicans fungi);
  • antibacterial properties

Biologically active supplements with Kawaratake extract are released both in packs of 20 capsules in blister and in jars calculated as at 60 capsules. At the same time, do not forget that the phytopreparation is taken during a 30-day course of treatment, 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening. The prophylaxis should be repeated two or three times a year. It is rather convenient; indeed, you can buy the economy pack calculated as at an entire course of treatment.


This is an innovative drug with enhanced formula, in which composition it is included a highly-concentrated cordyceps mushroom extract. Its beneficial effect on the body is proven both by the experience and the scientific studies.

Cordyceps is a native of the Chinese high mountain regions of Tibet. The mushroom grows at the height of 3500 meters above sea level, which complicates its collection. The development of a fungal fruit body is a time-consuming process taking at least two years. At the same time, during the first year the mushroom is under the ground. Such a slow growth with being of an embryo under the layer of soil makes Cordyceps medicinal. Even the ancient Chinese physicians have arrived at these conclusions, and today their judgements are scientifically substantiated. A worldwide popularity of Cordyceps began in the nineties of the 20th century. Chinese athletes have demonstrated the phenomenal results in the international competitions. In the parlance of the Head Team Coach and the Counselor of the National Olympic Team of China, this result was achieved thanks to Cordyceps.

After such bombastic declarations, the scientists from all round the world began to study the mushroom and its properties. They have scientifically confirmed the benefit from the drugs containing Cordyceps. Indeed, the following useful substances are concentrated in the composition of mushroom mycelium:

  • coenzyme Q10;
  • polysaccharides;
  • vitamins;
  • natural antioxidants;
  • mineral salts;
  • enzymes (more than 80)

Each capsule contains the natural antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory agents, and balancedhormone complex. This is a multi-purpose drug, which will help to improve your health and general state.

Taking Cordyceps, you will appreciate the following spectrum of beneficial effects:

  • stimulation of the functions of all internal organs and systems;
  • improvement in all barrier functions of the body, enhancing resistance to adverse external and internal factors;
  • operational recovery after stresses and severe diseases;
  • normalization of muscle tone;
  • reduction the risk of developing neoplasms of any etiology;
  • stabilization of the function of the cardiovascular system;
  • strengthening and tonifying vessels, improvement of their wall elasticity;
  • normalization of blood composition and flow;
  • stimulation of brain functions and beneficial effect on the hypothalamus;
  • improvement of the bone marrow functioning;
  • normalization of metabolism;
  • stabilization of the endocrine profile;
  • improvement of the function of the endocrine system;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • expectorative effect, which is helpful for cough, bronchitis and pneumonia;
  • activation of hair and nail growth;
  • improving the health of skin;
  • removal of radionuclides and salts of heavy metals;
  • retardation of biological aging process

Take 1 capsule of Cordyceps twice a day with meals. The duration of treatment course is 4 weeks. If desired, you can repeat therapy two or three times a year.

Dietary supplement Cordyceps


This is an effective and highly-concentrated biologically active supplement. The composition of capsules contains Maitake extract obtained using a special extraction method from our Company. These marvelous mushrooms visually resembling the oyster mushrooms. At the same time, the size of fungal fruit bodies can reach up to 50 cm with weight up to 4 kg. Rather considerable sizes do not decrease the list of useful effects. The active components being present in the composition of the mushroom are as follows:

  1. Polysaccharides. They are responsible for the stimulation of macrophages, which put the immune system on full combat alert. For this reason, the drug has the pronounced antiviral and antibacterial effects. The macrophages also specialize in the absorption of oncocells, which helps to prevent the occurrence of tumours. It is recommended to take it for cancer prevention.
  2. Triterpenic acids. They dissolve fats reducing “bad” cholesterol level in the blood. This results in cleansing the blood vessels from cholesterol plaques and in the improvement in blood flow. at that. The arterial pressure also decreases, and the load on heart reduces.
  3. Adenosine. This component considerably improves the blood aggregation. This reduces the risk of thrombi formation. Such drug is also helpful for prevention of cerebrovascular accidents and heart attacks.
  4. Steroidal compounds. The drug improves endocrine profile. This helps to cope with negative manifestations in premenstrual syndrome as well as with hot flashes in climax.
  5. Amino acids. They are widely presented in Maitake mushroom. Amino acids help to maintain the cellular structure and prevent mutations in a DNA chain. For this reason, the phytoprepatation protects against the negative effects of radiation and factory emissions, which is topically in the time of technogenic catastrophes and ozone holes.
  6. Vitamin and trace element complex. They restore an optimal balance of nutrients.

Maitake mushroom extract is released both in blisters of 20 capsules and in jars of 60 capsules. When selecting a pack, take into account that the course lasts 30 days. At the same time, it is necessary to take 1 capsule twice a day (in the morning and in the evening). However, if you want to use medicinal properties of the mushroom for disease prevention, it is worth to repeat the course two or three times a year.


This is a popular biologically active supplement with a new enhanced formula. Reishi mushrooms are the basis of this drug. The effect is proven by science and a long-term experience in the Oriental medicine. The name of the mushroom has many interpretations:

  • heaven born, that is how they were called in the Japanese primary manual for doctors;
  • mushroom of immortality, which is stated in many works from China and Korea

As you have already understood, the intake of such extract promotes longevity. It is also worth using during treatment and for prevention of practically all diseases.

The substances included in the composition of Reishi are as follows:

  • amino acids and amides;
  • polysaccharides exerting an antitumour effect;
  • flavonoids;
  • terpenoids minimizing the effects of stresses and preventing the accumulation of free radicals;
  • saponins;
  • alkaloids;
  • vitamins B3, B5, C and D;
  • minerals – calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, manganese, zinc, barium, germanium, and silver;
  • coumarins;
  • adenosine;
  • ergosterol

Such composition provides for the whole spectrum of useful effects. Biologically active supplement with Reishi mushroom extract stimulates immunity, normalizes the function of internal organs (heart, liver, kidneys, and gastroenteric tract) stabilizes the activity of the central nervous system and exerts the antihistamine effect.

Taking the phytopreparation, you will observe the increase in intellectual and physical activity, stabilization of pressure, elimination of edemas and inflammations as well as loss of appetite. This is especially pleasant for those who wish to lose weight. The improvement of overall health and mood will become an additional advantage.

To achieve the desired effect, it is worth to take preparation during a 30-day course of treatment. Take 1 capsule in the morning and in the evening. It is worth to repeat therapy two or three times a year. You can buy the phytopreparation in the form of blisters of 20 capsules or order the drug in jar of 60 capsules calculated as at the complete course at once.

Reishi dietary supplement


This is biologically active supplement with an enhanced formula. The drug has a pronounced antiparasitic effect. It is necessary to take such biologically active supplement because the helminths can provoke very many unpleasant diseases. This is related to the active discharge of waste products into the carrier blood. For this reason, helminthiasis results in the occurrence of headaches, dizziness, nausea as well as the gastrointestinal disorders. It is essential to take capsules “Cleanliness” for helminthic invasions. The drug exerts a complete complex of beneficial effects:

  • directed elimination of helminths at different stages of their development;
  • removal of toxins and byproducts of parasites;
  • restoration of intestinal microflora;
  • elimination of intoxication;
  • repair of damaged intestinal mucosa

Such result is provided for by the specific composition:

  1. Garlic extract. It is rich in phytocides. For this reason, the garlic is a means for cold, influenza, and other viral infections. It exerts the immunomodulatory effect, eliminates pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, improves digestion and intestinal peristalsis, prevents the fermentation and decomposition processes. At the same time, there is no any harm for healthy flora. The garlic also reduces cholesterol level, tonifies the vessel walls and prevents formation of cholesterol plaques.
  2. Black walnut extract. It is rich in juglone (iodine-containing organic substance). It is a natural antibiotic eliminating helminths and exerting the antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal effects. Black walnut stimulates cell regeneration, retards natural skin aging, and strengthens immunity.
  3. Everlasting flower. It is rich in flavonoids exerting a therapeutic effect in diseases of liver, gallbladder, and bile ducts. Everlasting flower also improves metabolism.
  4. Absinthe extract. It contains a large amount of tannins and resinous substances. The former ones exert the antimicrobial and restorative effects. Resinous components strengthen the cellular structure.
  5. Flavonoid artemetin. This is a powerful antioxidant reducing the radiation effects. It exerts the anti-inflammatory effect and is used in the antihistamines.
  6. Phytoestrogens. They promote normalization of the endocrine profile.
  7. Alkaloids. They eliminate spasms and exert analgesic and soothing effects. The alkaloids also exert the choleretic and expectorative effects, and stimulate the central nervous system.
  8. Pumpkin seed extract. This is a unique natural source of biologically active substances. Pumpkin seeds have the pronounced anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory properties. They promote complete normalization of the structure and functions of damaged organs and tissues. Besides, pumpkin seed extract is useful for the prostate, intestinal mucosae and skin covers.

Capsules “Cleanliness” strengthen the function of the immune system, improve overall health and exert a favorable effect on the revitalization of the internal organs (liver, stomach, lungs, and heart). Improved state of the skin cover will become an additional advantage.

Biologically active supplement “Cleanliness” will eliminate parasites and strengthen your body. The drug is taken during one month’s course of treatment. Take 1 capsule twice a day with meals. In case of need, repeat the course two or three times a year.


This is biologically active dietary supplement with an enhanced formula. Its compositionincludes Shiitake mushroom extract. Their useful substances are known for over 3000 years. Thus, in Ancient Japan, Shiitake was called the “Mushroom of the Sleeping Buddha” and used for treatment of diabetes mellitus. Under the Ming Dynasty, the mushroom was used for prevention of diseases, the Emperor’s body defences were strengthened with its help. For this reason, Shiitake is also known as “The Emperor’s Mushroom”.

In modern medicine, the composition and effects of Shiitake have been still actively studied. At present, the following useful properties of the mushroom are proven:

  1. Antitumour effect. The mushroom is rich in polysaccharide lentinan. This substance is a certified drug for treatment of oncological diseases in Japan. Lentinan exerts a beneficial effect on the immune system; for this reason, it is recognized as one of the most active means for protection against radiation exposure. The drug also stimulates production of natural perforin. This enzyme is responsible for the elimination of cancer cells.
  2. Antiviral effect. Shiitake extract enhances the body’s ability to combat any viruses. This effect is provided for by the presence of fungal phytoncides. They have the most powerful activity and improve cell immunity. Thanks to the capacity for immune correction, Shiitake extract is effective for treatment of autoimmune diseases.
  3. Reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This effect is provided for by erytadenine, which contains in the mushrooms.
  4. Complex effect of L-ergothioneine. This is a powerful antioxidant protecting liver against damages and repairing the neurolemmas. The substance helps for allergy and eliminates free radicals. Its concentration in Shiitake is forty times higher than in the wheat germs.
  5. Beneficial effect on the blood circulatory system. The drug prevents thrombi formation and decreases arterial pressure.

Shiitake mushroom capsules are released in blisters of 20 pcs and in jars of 60 pcs. It is worth to take one capsule of drug twice a day with meals. The course of treatment lasts four or eight weeks with the repeat in two or three months.

One can buy products in the NEW LIFE official webstore. You will also receive tools for successful own MLM Business Development. Take care of your health and develop together with us.

Shiitake dietary supplement

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