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NEW LIFE Company always takes care of its consumers and creates natural biologically active additives, which naturally help to mobilize the body internal reserves releasing from a number of health problems in future thereby prolonging life. Really, for normal functioning, it is necessary for our body to consume a sufficient amount of different vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Nevertheless, worsening ecological situation across the globe, new and still poorly understood foodstuff production standards and finally, constant stresses in the intense pace of life of the 21st century are not beneficial to the modern human body and create the deficiency of essential substances.

“I have taken OCEAN PRO. Now I fall asleep quickly, sleep soundly being vigorous in the morning!" @nelya_taranukha

A series of biologically active additives in the form of hard-shell PRO capsules has combined the essential nutrients for maintenance of the health, body esthetics and active longevity.

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OCEAN PRO capsules contain a balanced formula of the most useful algae. These are laminaria, spirulina, chlorella, and wakame became known as the underwater “herbs” are the ones of the oldest forms of life on Earth having remained practically unchanged.

“Dietary supplement is very good and produces positive result! I have been taking it for the last two months, there is no side effect, 16 kg loss in weight combined with the physical exertion, healthy nutrition and walking! Thank you for a wonderful product!” Nina Davydenko.

PRO series - Food supplements in the form of hard capsules

The capsules are a natural, existing in nature a source of iodine, iron, B-group vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, beta carotene, and folic acid, which are classified as the essential trace elements without which, firstly the normal functioning of thyroid gland is impossible; they also improve memory and eyesight, promote the normalization of pressure and the blood cholesterol level, and boost immunity.

“The product is wonderful! Use it, and the result will not slow to arrive,” Lesia Ivanivna Hileta

The composition of SPICE PRO capsules includes spices, which are essential and valuable for the human body, such as curcuma, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of this product because the spicery containing in its composition are in a balanced combination and supplement the useful properties of one another. They stimulate the function of the digestive system, reduce appetite and actively influence on the process of breakdown of the fat cells. And due to the high content of antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements in each several spice, the capsules promote cleansing of the body of toxins and rejuvenate cells.

COLLAGEN PRO capsules the most multifunctional natural components such as the sea collagen, pollen and vitamin C. The effect of capsules aimed at the maintenance of health of the muscular and osseous systems. The basic component is the sea collagen, a unique protein maximally close to the human collagen fibers by its structure, for this reason, it is easily absorbed by our body and naturally stimulates formation of collagen in the body having a positive impact on the state of the musculoskeletal system, accelerates regeneration of tissues, maintains the skin hydration, increasing the resilience and elasticity, and protects the cardiovascular system. Vitamin C promotes better absorption of the sea collagen. And the pollen repairs damaged body cells and regenerates tissues, strengthens the heart and vessels, increases physical and mental activity, stimulates immunity, boosts metabolism, increases hemoglobin, and improves adaptation of the body to the abrupt changes of weather.

ANTIOXIDANT PRO dietary supplement contains the most effective antioxidants resveratrol and vitamins A, E, and C. Resveratrol represents a compound of vegetable origin, which high concentration is contained in the peel of the berries and grape seeds.

“Excellent cleansing agent for all types of parasites in the total body. Thank you so much for a unique dietary supplement” @ludmilatikhomyrova

“I have taken the capsules. Weight management species and collagen joints + elixirs + Ca. I have lost 4 kg for 1.5 months. Reduction of weight. The skin is well-groomed. People think that I am much younger than the age specified in the passport. I thank the manufactures for the products and everybody for science and care” @alla 3939

It has a one hundred percent positive effect on the body activating the processes of regeneration at the cellular level, thus reducing the risk of development of many diseases among which the heart attack, cerebral accident, and premature aging. Resveratrol improves cerebral blood supply exerting a beneficial effect on its functioning. At the same time, having the anti-inflammatory properties, it improves the protection of the body from atherosclerosis and reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol, helps the digestive system to remove toxins as well as improves energy production by the body. Vitamins A, E, and C not only neutralize free radicals in the body, but also actively protect cell membrane from damage. Their position in the cell membrane makes it possibly actively prevent oxidation of unsaturated membrane lipids.

The composition of BALANCE PRO capsules includes balanced dosage of substances of the natural origin L-tryptophan and alpha-lipoic acid. L-tryptophan is the essential amino acid; this means than this substance is not synthesized in the human body. It ensures synthesis of serotonin (happiness hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone), which help to combat insomnia and fears making it possible for a person to get enough sleep and feel more vigorous throughout the whole day. In general, the person’s memory, fitness for working, and performance get improved. Alpha-lipoic acid has a positive impact on the nervous system, reduces the emotional intensity, and increases stability of the nervous cells to neurodegenerative disorders. The emotional stability also reflects positively on the appearance, a person looks nicer, younger, fresher, and more joyful.

“I am very pleased with this dietary supplement! Thanks to it my weight reduced by 16 kg for the last two months also physical exertions and walking as well as healthy nutrition! I wish all the success!” Nina Davydenko.

Supplements New Life

MINERALS PRO capsules contain a powerful complex of chelated minerals calcium glycinate, zinc glycinate and their important helpers vitamin D3 and methionine. The mineral chelated shape is the mineral ions combined with amino acids, in our case, it is the amino acid glycine.

The minerals having chelated shape do not require additional transformations in the body because they are ready for use and transportation by the small intestine epithelial cells wherein the basic process of absorption is taking place. Calcium glycinate is the most biologically accessible form of the mineral, which is very important for us.

Really, calcium is the base of bones, teeth, nails as well as the essential component of the skin, connective tissues, muscles, and hair. Calcium retains mineral density of the bone tissue, reduces the risk of development of osteoporosis being a typical problem of middle-aged and elderly people. Zinc glycinate is not less important nutrient. With the help of zinc, a number of enzymes is activated, metabolism and even the process of neuronal excitation are carried out. Vitamin D3 has a number of functions, but a direct participation in the processes of calcium and phosphorus absorption by the body is considered as the main one. Methionine is an essential amino acid playing an important part in the protein synthesis and being the main supplier of sulfur, which prevents disorders in the formation of hair, skin and nails, affects hair bulbs and maintains their growth.

BEAUTY PRO capsules contain natural substances for the body with a high degree of absorption for the nice, glowing with health skin, luxuriant hair and strong nails. This is the sea collagen, hyaluronic acid, amino acid cysteine, and vitamin and mineral complex.

“The preparation improves digestion, intestinal function and strengthens the immune system, it is great!” Liubov Sendeha

The sea collagen promotes the production of the “native’ own collagen by our body. However, hyaluronic acid eliminates dryness of the epidermis and regulates skin moisture balance, that is distributes and moves moisture there where it is lacking whereby maintains tissue elasticity and retards the processes of photoaging. Cysteine promotes synthesis of collagen and keratin – a specific protein, a great amount of which is containing in the hair, skin and nails, and ensures healthy hair gloss, skin elasticity, and nail strength. Balanced complex of vitamins and minerals optimizes metabolism, stimulates vitality, nourishes the skin, hair and nails maintaining their health and beauty.

Healthy nutrition, sports activities and NEW LIFE biologically active additive represent the most correct combination for healthy and long life!

“I have taken. I am very pleased. I feel easiness in the body, eat less, but have more force and energy. 2 kg loss in weight though I did not set the objective of this. I feel very comfortable. Thank you for such wonderful preparation!” @halynavaliukh27

Balanced complex of vitamins and minerals

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