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Medicine Chest

For any disease, we go to the doctor. This is a mandatory and immutable rule! And in order not to waste time before the arrival of a doctor or in case of inaccessibility of medical care, we will try to help ourselves using the products of the NEW LIFE company. The dose should be doubled or the frequency of administration increases to 3-4 times a day, and extracts - up to 5-6 times a day.

What you need to have in your home medicine cabinet always:

Apiton phyto, (Gastroflor or Bronchoflor or FZ for the lungs). Tibetan Formula (or MUSHROOMS, for children - El. For immunity, El. For energy, Apiflor plus or-or). Hepatoflor (FZ for the liver, Artichoke), Pancreaflor (FZ for the pancreas, El. For the pancreas). Gel 39 (or Regenerating Cream, Nose Balm, Throat Spray, Stomaflor) Sorbeflor, Chistoflor. Apiflor minus, extracts of Motherwort, Hawthorn, Valerian, El. for the nervous system (or FZ for the nervous system, FZ for the heart, Cardioflor, Sedaflor). Extracts: Betulin, Calendula, Sage, Needles, Chamomile, Nettle, Series. Ointment for veins, Phyto-analgesic. In acute respiratory infections:

Apiton phyto 2 tablets 3-4 times a day (or Gastroflor 1 tablet. 3-4 times a day) Tibetan Formula 1 tab. 3-4 times a day (or any MUSHROOM) Calendula, Nettle, Betulin 10 drops 5-6 times a day In the nose - lubricate the nasal mucosa Nettle or Sage, Nasal Balm Irrigate the mucous membrane of the pharynx and in the nose - Spray for the throat or Stomaflor, dissolve Gel 39. In the ear with otitis media - Gel 39 or Regenerating cream, always in the nose Nose balm. Rub the feet with a phyto-analgesic, balm, cream - any. At elevated temperatures: heavy drinking, Betulin, Burdock, Milk Thistle or Sorbeflor or Hepatoflor, Apiton phyto.

For bronchitis: Add FZ for the lungs or Bronchoflor, El. for lungs, Licorice, Ivy - 5-6 times a day.

For constipation: Anti-inflammatory: Gastroflor (Bronchoflor, El. For the stomach, Chamomile) Cholagogue: Artichoke (El. For the liver, Milk thistle, Stalnik) Relieve spasm: (Mint, Valerian, Hawthorn, El. For the nervous system)

With diarrhea: Apiton phyto, 2 tablets. 3-4 times a day Sorbeflor, Flora, Milk Thistle or Betulin, Calendula, Blueberries, Chamomile.

For bloating: Sorbeflor + Chistoflor or Sorbeflor + Pancreaflor. Chamomile + Mint (or Valerian, El. For the nervous system).

With heartburn: Gastroflor + Nettle + Artichoke.

With nausea: Mint + Gastroflor + Artichoke or El. for the stomach + Mint.

With inflammation of the pancreas: Gastroflor + Betulin + El. for the pancreas or Pancreoflor (Federal Law for the pancreas) + Apiton phyto + Calendula Mandatory - Federal Law for the nervous system (or El. for the nervous system).

For stomach pain, peptic ulcer exacerbation: Gastroflor + Sedaflor + Nettle + Betulin

In case of alcohol poisoning: Sorbeflor + Cleanliness + El. for the nervous system (Mint) + El. for the stomach + Betulin Or FZ for the liver + FZ for the pancreas + El. for the stomach + Mint + Birch

In case of burn: Any anti-inflammatory extracts or elixirs - El. for the stomach, El. for lungs, Calendula, Chamomile, Nettle, Sophora, etc .; Regenerating Cream or Gel 39.

Wounds, abrasions: Regenerating Cream or Gel 39, Sophora, Sage, Stomaflor, Spray for the throat.

For toothache: Apiton phyto + Tibetan Formula + Nettle + Sophora (Sage) inside. Outwardly - Gel 39 or Regenerating + Toothpaste (gel), Stomaflor on a tampon.

Purulent acne, youthful acne:

Inside Apiton phyto + Tibetan Formula + Sage + Sophora. Externally Cleansing Gel for problem skin 39 “extracts” or For intimate hygiene, then wipe with a Tonic for all skin types 39 “extracts” or extracts of Sage, Sophora. Locally apply Cream for problem skin, Gel 39 or Regenerating Cream, or any Mask with red, blue or white clay.

Herpes: Lip Balm, Gel 39, Regenerating Cream, Zhivokost, Sofora. Apiton Phyto + Tibetan Formula in a double dose.

Sprain, krepatura after training, fractures, cramps in the calf muscles: Ointment for veins or Universal or universal massage balm - 3-4 times a day. Inside Apiton phyto, Betulin, Chestnut, Calciflor in double doses.

Joint pain, sciatica: Apiton phyto, Betulin + Sabelnik + Chestnut + El. for the nervous system - 5-6 times a day Outwardly - Phyto-analgesic or Ointment for veins (Universal) + Saber

High blood pressure: Cardioflor (or FZ for the heart, Apiflor minus + Motherwort, Motherwort + Hawthorn + Valerian, El. For the nervous system + El. For the heart, Shlemnik) Diuretic - Betulin, El. ale kidneys, El. for the joints. Ointment for veins + 2-3 drops Sabelnik or El. for the nervous system - rub into pain points, cervical spine from top to bottom.

Low blood pressure: Cerebroflor or Ginkgo biloba or Energoamine, or Energoflor, or El. for immunity 3-4 times a day. It is good to take choleretic extracts: An artichoke, for example, rub an ointment for veins into pain points, the cervical spine from top to bottom.

Headache under normal pressure: Sedaflor (FZ for the nervous system or El. For the nervous system). Apiton phyto + Betulin, Chestnut. You can add choleretic extracts: Artichoke, Repeshok, El. for the liver or-or. Ointment for veins + Sabelnik or El. for the nervous system - rub into pain points, cervical spine from top to bottom.

Hemorrhoids: Outwardly with inflammation (acute period) - Gel 39, or Regenerating Cream, or Stalnik. During remission - Ointment for veins. Inside - Apiton phyto, Chestnut, Nettle, El. for the stomach, Stalnik.

Trophic ulcer: Effectively - surgical treatment to remove a blood clot, a section of a vein. You can try the extract of Sophora, Series, Zhivokost, Sorbeflor, Cordyceps (pour into the wound). Strongly impossible - Gel 39 or other Ointments or Creams! Inside - Apiton phyto, Chestnut, Nettle, Betulin, Cordyceps.

Varicose veins: Ointment for veins + program for varicose veins.

Thinning blood: Apiton phyto, Needles, El. for vessels, Chestnut, FZ for vessels, Venoflor, Nettle, Ginkgo-biloba (but it is impossible with high blood pressure).

For insomnia: Federal Law for the nervous system (or Peony, Sedaflor, El. For the nervous system, Motherwort).

Epilepsy, convulsions: Peony (or Sedaflor or FZ for the nervous system, El. For the nervous system) + Birch, Betulin.

Hemostatic: Nettle, Yarrow, El. for men.

Renal colic: Apiton phyto + Betulin + Mint (Motherwort, Valerian)

Hepatic colic: Gastroflor + Betulin + Mint (Motherwort, Valerian)

Allergy to the respiratory tract: Sorbeflor, Chistoflor (Hepatoflor). Stopallergin. In the nose - Nettle every 2-3 hours. When coughing - Ivy, Licorice.

Allergic dermatitis, mosquito bite, wasp: Sorbeflor, Hepatoflor. Nettle + Succession + Betulin (for children under 3 years old - only drops inside and out). Email for the nervous system or Valerian.

Fungus on nails: Cream Antifungal, Cream mask for wrinkles –2 times a day for 1 month or (and) calamus extract Prevention - deodorant lotion (for men or for women), tonic for intimate hygiene.

Dry skin, chapping, after frost: Winter Cherry Cream or Foot Cream or Regenerating or Gel 39.

Warts: Caused by the Papilloma virus. Chaga or Larkspur externally. Inside - Apiton phyto + Tibetan Formula, Cordyceps + Apiflor plus (with increased pressure - Apiflor minus), Reishi + Lycopene. Increased sugar: Pancreaflor (FZ for the pancreas, El. For the pancreas) and Sedaflor (or FZ for the nervous system, El. For the nervous system).

Tides during menopause: Sedaflor (or Federal Law for the nervous system, El. For the nervous system) and El. for feminine harmony (Clover).

Pain in the mammary gland with mastopathy, before menstruation: Ointment for veins + El. for the nervous system, or Valerian 2-3 drops. Inside El. for women + Betulin or El. for female harmony + Chestnut.

With inflammation of the vagina: Apiton phyto + El. for women + Calendula + Birch + Cordyceps. Gel for intimate hygiene - for washing, Tonic for intimate hygiene - after washing. In the vagina, the capsule Flora, Kavaratake or Cordyceps or Reishi on Ointment universal for the night - 10 days.

With thrush: Flora in the vagina 10 days at night on a universal ointment. Inside - Chistoflor + Flora, El. for women + Calendula + Needles.

With cystitis: Apiton phyto + FZ for the kidneys (or El. For the kidneys or Betulin). Ointment for veins or Universal + El. for the nervous system - rub into the lower abdomen.

For more information, see the book Application of the company NEW LIFE.

Be healthy!!!

*Self-treatment can harm to your health! Before any receptions of preparations need NECESSARILY will become familiar with instruction and consulted with Your treating doctor. Necessarily will study side effects, contra-indications and possibility of individual unbearableness of preparation.

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