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The decrease in immunity, digestive problems and high blood pressure are the common concomitants of our life. But few are aware that like symptoms are often related to the disorders in the gastrointestinal microflora. In similar failures, the number of beneficial bacteria decreases, and the hostile bacteria began to dominate. So as to restore balance, it is necessary to start taking probiotics. However, when buying such dietary supplements, many people encounter a dilemma: which should be selected either lactobacteria or bifidobacteria. We shall talk about their functions and the need of using in more details.

What are probiotics, and for what they are necessary

The bacteria are permanently living in our intestine. They are not at all useless spongers.
The most part of bacteria are carrying out vitally important functions helping to break down and assimilate food taken into the body. Thanks to them, we get vitamins, minerals, and nutrients on a regular basis. These interesting facts will tell more about the bacteria from our body:

  • the most of them are in the intestine;
  • the number of bacteria in the human body is ten times as much then the cells;
  • the most of microorganisms (approximately 90 – 98 percent) are of benefit and are vitally important for normal activities of the gastrointestinal tract and our body

Probiotics are the medications containing the whole classes of bacteria, yeast and waste products thereof. In the word for word translation from the Greek, their name means “for life” and fully reflects a role of probiotics in the functioning of our body.

Important: the higher is the number of beneficial microorganisms, the better food is assimilated. The intake of biologically active additives therewith has a beneficial effect on the total body.

Probiotics carry out a whole set of useful functions:

  • normalization of intestinal peristalsis, which accelerates the movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract;
  • help in delicate weight loss;
  • improvement of digestion and increased uptake of useful substances;
  • exclusion of congestive phenomena in the intestine and management of constipation;
  • production of neurotransmitters and hormones, including serotonin;
  • prevention of dysbacteriosis, abolition of diarrhea;
  • effective removal of toxins;
  • absorption of pathogenic microflora in the intestine because many probiotics are eating just it;
  • reducing the risk for developing inflammations in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • creation of harmful environment for bacteria promoting colitis;
  • sіnthesis of vitamins K and B12, biotin, thiamine, which is important for health support;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • optimization of insulin sensitivity;
  • breakdown of fatty acids, which results in the reduction of bad cholesterol level;
  • improvement of the state of the skin, elimination of dryness and excessive sebum secretion;
  • production of essential amino acids, which prevents development of protein deficiency;
  • stabilization of the overall health

Probiotics normalize metabolism and have an integrated effect on the activities of the total body. It is worth taking them by everyone.

Which food products contain natural probiotics

The beneficial bacteria appear due to the natural biological chemical reactions. They are contained in such products:

  • natural yoghurt;
  • tan;
  • kefir;
  • tempeh (fermented soybean product);
  • fermented cabbage

Important: probiotics are sensitive to heat treatment and temperature drops. It is important to consume all products, which contain thereof, fresh without heating and long-term storage.

The beneficial bacteria are extremely unstable. It is much more effective to use them in the form of biologically active additives for restoring the balance. In such a way you will be able to deliver microorganisms directly to their population area.

How to determine that the products really contain living bacteria?

It is possible to identify useful food and presence of probiotics therein on the basis of 3 signs:

  • product shelf life does not exceed two weeks;
  • each 1 ml of product contains from 1 000 000 living bacteria, which is stated on the package;
  • ptimal storage temperature: 4 – 8 °C with the plus sign

Important: beneficial bacteria are unable to stand rise of temperature above 65 – 70 °C. Pasteurized products cannot contain thereof.

Who needs immediately add biologically active additives with probiotics to the diet

The deficiency of beneficial bacteria is extremely dangerous. Indeed, their deficiency has an impact on the activities of all organs and systems. It is necessary to begin taking the profile biological preparations in such cases:

  • decrease in systemic immunity;
  • chronic stress, depression and overfatigue;
  • protein imbalance in the body, which may result in liver problems;
  • high blood pressure;
  • treatment of infectious diseases with the use of antibiotics;
  • any failures in the activities of the gastrointestinal tract

Probiotics are also good for diabetes optimizing insulin sensitivity.

Important: it is not worth to wait for onset of the signs of a deficiency of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.One may take probiotics for prevention of many pathologies and for the purpose of overall health strengthening.

Types of probiotics

The intestinal microflora contains more than 500 types of bacteria. Each species of microorganisms is classified among a definite family. Among probiotics, two groups of bacteria are considered to be the most valuable for coordinated activities of the body.

  • Lactobacillus or lactobacteria;
  • Bifidobacteriam or bifidobacteria

Dozens of strains and subspecies are counted in each several family. Different types of probiotics have individual spectrum of beneficial effects.

Bifidobacteria and benefits to body

These are beneficial representatives of the gram-positive anaerobic bacteria species. They have an influence on the state of microflora simply filling in the walls of the intestine. Bifidobacteria are responsible for the process of digestion. The food products break down, ferment and assimilate properly with their help. Bifidobacteria are involved in such processes:

  • hydrolysis of proteins;
  • fermentation of carbohydrates;
  • saponification of fats;
  • dissolution of cellulose

They also improve the intestinal peristalsis. Bifidobacteria are indispensable for normalization of the activities of the gastrointestinal tract, prevention of constipation and diarrhea. The beneficial effect of these microorganisms on combating irritable bowel syndrome has also been proved.

What are the benefits of lactobacteria

They are classified among the gram-positive facultative anaerobic or microaerophilic bacteria. Such microorganisms also live in the intestine in large numbers. However, they perform a little bit other function. Lactobacteria synthesize lactic acid from lactose and carbohydrates. This makes it possible to create acidic environment in the intestine. The growth and development of pathogenic microorganisms are inhibited. Lactobacteria have an influence on the formation of the local and systemic immunity. They are responsible for our health and the ability of the body to resist infections.

Which should be selected: bifido- or lactobacteria

These probiotics work best taken together. But if you want to determine the optimal formula of biologically active additives, it is worth taking into account the individual situation and the need for correction of some or other of the conditions.

Probiotics for abolition of diarrhea

  1. Frequent bowel movements and liquid stool are the unpleasant phenomena. But probiotics will help to get rid of them. It is worth to select the drug formula with account taken of the causes having triggered diarrhea: Infections of the gastrointestinal tract, including intestinal flu.The studies have shown that lactobacteria (rhamnosus and acidophilus) reduce the risk of diarrhea by 34 percent.
  2. Intake of antibiotics. Both lacto- and bifidobacterial of all strains can prevent diarrhoeal disease caused by the elimination of beneficial microflora.
  3. IBC (irritable bowel syndrome). The patients with such diagnosis need the complex probiotics.

The intake of biologically active additives with balanced formula will help to solve the problem of diarrhea.

Which bacteria will relieve from constipation

The stools densifying is associated with unhealthy diet, intestinal peristalsis disorder and sedentary lifestyle. The elderly patients are also prone to constipation. Bifidobacteria lactis combined with lactobacteria (acidophilus, rhamnosus, etc.) help to get rid of such problems. It is an effective and safe agent, which do not build up a tolerance and contributes to relief of constipation.

Let us lose weight with probiotics

The scientists have carried out dozens of experiments so as to find the connection between the intestinal microflora and the process of losing weight. Both ordinary people keeping a diet and the people suffering from obesity of different degrees were among the test persons. In the course of testing, the medical professionals have proved that rhamnosus and bifidobacteria lactis are effectively helping to reduce weight. These microorganisms contribute to breakdown of fats and improve the uptake of useful substances. The body reduces amount of accumulated fatty deposits being beneficial to the total body weight.

Probiotics for stimulation of brain functions

A close linkage between the gastrointestinal tract and the functioning of the central nervous system has been proved a long time ago. Having carried out more than 38 studies, the medical professionals could confirm that some probiotics helped to get rid of the feeling of anxiety and the consequences of chronic stress. This effect is stipulated by the help in fermentation of short-chain fatty acids, which takes place in the large intestine. Such probiotic strains are most useful for the brain:

  • Bifidobacteriaum infantis;
  • Bifidobacteriaum longum;
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus

These bacteria contribute to the elimination of anxiety and reduce the adverse effects of stress by 48 percent.

Let us strengthen immunity with probiotics

Healthy intestinal microflora influences on the activities of the immune system. The scientists have proved that the intake of bifidobacterial longum and bifidum together with lactobacteria strengthens immunity. The number of inflammatory markers reduces, and the level of anti-inflammatory agents increases.

Interesting fact: probiotics are beneficial to the oral health. They improve local immunity helping to relieve inflammatory processes in the region of the gingivae.

Which probiotics are beneficial to heart health

Bifido- and lactobacteria are indispensable in prevention of the diseases of the myocardium. The beneficial effects of L. reuteri, L. acidophilus and B. longum have been proved during the studies. The result is confirmed by the laboratory data. The levels of low-density lipoproteins and triglycerides in the blood have reduced, and the count of high-density lipoproteins has slightly increased.

Conclusions: bifido- and lactobacteria

Each strain of probiotics performs a number of beneficial functions. However, they work best taken together strengthening and potentiating the effects of each other. It is worth to select agents containing both types of beneficial bacteria. Important: the biologically active additive shall also contain prebiotics. The nutrients increase effectiveness of beneficial bacteria and provide them with whatever is required for coordinated activities.

New Life FLORA: balanced formula of safe and effective probiotics

Combined biologically active additive attracts by the enhanced and improved formula. Indeed, its formula includes not only lactobacteria, but also bifidobacterial. The beneficial microbial cultures helping the intestine to function properly, which has a beneficial effect on the health of the body. Regular intake of biologically active additive FLORA results in such positive changes:

  • high-quality digestion of food with the maximum uptake of useful substances;
  • effective breakdown of fats for prevention of obesity and weight loss;
  • neutralization of harmful substances and removal of toxins;
  • stimulation of synthesis of interferon, vitamins B and K, protein and amino acids;
  • help in the uptake of iron, calcium and vitamin D;
  • reduction of risk of allergic reactions;
  • inhibition of growth of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic bacteria;
  • help in abolition of dysbacteriosis, constipation and diarrhea;
  • treatment and prevention of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • prevention of pathogen adhesion on the walls of the intestine;
  • immunity improvement and stimulation of immunoglobulin production;
  • normalization of intestinal peristalsis and maintenance of the integrity of its lining;
  • reduction of cholesterol level and stabilization of blood sugar level;
  • improvement of skin health;
  • strengthening of the musculoskeletal system

New Life FLORA is a complex protection of your health. Indeed, the overall health as well as the functioning of all organs and systems depend on the coordinated intestinal activity.

Specificities of intake of FLORA probiotic complex

It is worth taking one capsule of biologically active additive two times daily. It should be taken 30 minutes before meals. Important: It is recommended to take all probiotics, including FLORA, during a course of treatment starting from thirty days. Situational use will not have effect. Also do not forget about restrictions. Probiotics are not recommended to the children under 12 as well as to the women during pregnancy and lactation. Do not forget about the individual sensitivity to the components of dietary supplement. FLORA is an indispensable helper for your intestinal microflora. The preparation improves digestion, normalizes peristalsis and strengthens health in the whole. The body is functioning without failures with useful probiotics. The natural cosmetics and dietary supplements can be bought in the official NEW LIFE online shop. You will also receive all tools for successful development of own MLM business. Take care of your health and develop together with us.

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