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Soft gelatine capsules are a solid and leak-tight form of delivery of useful biologically active substances to the body. There are some advantages, which have maintained the growth of gelatine capsules in the popularity in the world in recent times.

These are their high biological availability (digestion), easiness in swallowing due to a soft and natural coating and assurance of a high stability to the active components with a wide range of temperatures and humidity. The global trends are also discernible at our consumers. A series of biologically active additives in the form of soft capsules from NEW LIFE is presented by the diversified formulae and enjoys great popularity.

Such types of capsules as OMEGA-3 from fish oil, OMEGA 3-6-9, VITAMIN D3, Ca + VITAMIN D3, LICOPENE, ALOE VERA, Ca, Fe, and Zn are represented in a series. OMEGA-3 and OMEGA 3-6-9 capsules are biologically active additives containing essential trace elements, which role is many-sided in our body. They promote building of the cell membranes and regulate all natural processes, boost metabolism and recover a store of energy. It is necessary to observe proportion of omega fatty acids regardless of your mode of life and food ration.

In OMEGA 3-6-9 dietary supplement their balance is observed, and if you keep to a diet or eat a small amount of products with the content of fatty acids with food, this is an ideal supplement for you. However, if your diet is saturated with the vegetable oils and nuts, but does not contain or contains a small amount of fish fats, you surely need OMEGA 3 dietary supplement for the maintenance of balanced proportion of fatty acids.

“The unique products giving positive results,” Iryna Dvoikina.

Omega 3-6-9 Complex

The effect of VITAMIN D3 capsules is aimed at the replenishment of a vitamin D deficiency in the body; really, a sufficient amount of this micronutrient in the body not only reduces the risk of onset of the diseases, but also helps to combat already present diseases. VITAMIN D3 contributes to carbohydrate and mineral metabolism, regulates absorption of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, level of their content in the blood and their intake into the bone tissue maintaining bone health, functioning of thyroid gland, job of the kidneys and normal blood coagulation.

This vitamin increases activity of the cells of the immune system and stimulates production of antibacterial substances in the body, exerts the anti-inflammatory effect, maintains the optimal function of the nervous system and reduces the risk of onset of heart diseases.

Application of ALOE VERA has a beneficial effect on the skin

The name of Ca + VITAMIN D3 capsules speaks volumes, really, all these trace elements taken together enhance the effect of one another thus maintaining the regulation of mineral metabolism and prevention of osteoporosis, promote functioning of the blood coagulation system as well as regulate penetrating ability of the cell membranes.

The development and density of bones, restoration and functionality of the muscles, support of the immune system, maintenance of the optimal function of the nervous system, production of dopamine and serotonin, and many other processes in our body are directly connected with Ca and vitamin D3.

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Omega-3 acids cleanse the walls of blood vessels from excess bad cholesterol, preventing the formation of cholesterol plaques

LICOPENE are the capsules with the most powerful antioxidant of the same name, which is not synthesized in the body. It protects cells against oxidative stress, retards the development of atherosclerosis, ensures protection of DNA, which helps to prevent a process of the onset and the development of tumours. Besides combating oxidative stress, LICOPENE prevents the development of cataract, helps to reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol, reduces the risk of cerebral accident, and boosts the immunity.

ALOE VERA in soft capsules is a unique natural cocktail of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, mono- and polysaccharides, essential oils, and anesthetic substances. The use of ALOE VERA exerts a beneficial effect on the skin, regenerates body cells and enriches them with oxygen, promotes the formation of hemoglobin, improves metabolic processes and activates neurotransmission and neuromuscular transmission, normalizes the function of the muscles and the nervous system, strengthens the immune system and protects against infections.

Ca Fe Zn capsules are a complex of essential macro and trace elements, which the body receives less than due with food. Strengthening of bone tissue, triggering the movement of muscles, maintenance of the health and biochemical blood composition, enhancement of activity of the immune system, regeneration of tissues and improvement of digestion represent a part of properties of the minerals containing in this soft capsule!

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A series of biologically active additives in the form of soft capsules is a wonderful supplement to the diet and the best choice in favour of your health and the health of your family! The products may be ordered in the official New life online shop.

Lycopene is not synthesized in the human body and must be absorbed through food or supplements

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