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Dull and withering skin, enhanced hair splitting and feeling of fatigue in the joints even after short walks are the unpleasant concomitants of our life. Such symptoms are indicative of the lack of collagen. This is the main building protein containing in all areas of our body. 30 percent of all proteins fall to its share. These are as many as 6 percent of your weight. The role of collagen may be appreciated according to the specificities of its distribution:

  • 50 percent – skin;
  • 40 percent – bones and joints;
  • 10 percent - internal organs

Up to the age of 25 years, our body easily copes with the production of collagen in a sufficient amount. However, from this age, the process is retarded, and less and less amount of protein is synthesized. Annually, everyone loses 1 percent of indispensable protein. In such a way, the natural biological aging begins. However, it is possible to retard the process by regular replenishment of protein balance. Biologically active additives will be helpful in this regard. Protein is similar to the human one by its molecular structure.

What is marine collagen

The name collagen came from the Ancient Greek “Colla”. In the word for word translation, this means “adhesive”. This is a specific substance, in a strict sense fastening together the organs, bone elements, cartilages and tissues into a whole.
It is practically impossible to synthesize protein under laboratory conditions. Additionally, it is impossible to extract it from the human body without damage to a donor. However, the nature came to help us. Indeed, marine collagen is existing. It is a unique protein extracted from the epidermis and the scale of deep-sea fishes. It is maximally close to the human collagen fibers by its structure. It is proved that the collagen is more effective than its analogs of plant and animal origin. Indeed, the substance is fully digested by our body through the walls of the intestine.
The role of marine collagen does not end. It does not simply restore balance. It stimulates our body activating natural synthesis of the human analog. This results in the improvement of the overall health status and the health in the whole:

  • strengthening of the musculoskeletal system;
  • normalization of the state of cartilages;
  • acceleration of tissue regeneration;
  • protection of cardiovascular system

Marine collagen is the best helper for our body. It contributes to the restoration of protein balance keeping your beauty and health.

To which type marine collagen belongs

The fibrillar protein has a unique structure. It belongs to two main types of human collagen:

  1. I type. Beauty and health element. It is responsible for tissue regeneration as well as for the skeletal strength, elasticity of ligaments and muscles. It also regulates vascular tone and extensibility.
  2. III type. It is responsible for developing the blood making organs. It is contained in the arteries and veins as well as in the reticular fibers.

Important: it total, there are 28 types of collagen in the body. However, only type I, type II, and type III proteins perform the main functions (90 percent).

Formation and formula of collagen

Sea protein is similar to the human one by its molecular structure. It contains 28 amino acids at once. The most important among them are:

  • glycine – regulates the activity of the central nervous system and improves brain activity;
  • hydroxyproline – provides the maintenance of collagen stability, prevents premature breakdown thereof;
  • proline – stimulates the surge of energy, strengthens the musculoskeletal system

Interesting fact: marine collagen starts up natural synthesis of the human analog. There begins the fermentation wherein the vitamins and minerals are engaged. That is how fibrillated fibers are formed.

Functions of collagen in the human body

This protein is a tireless worker. It performs the following functions:

  • building of all elements of our body, including the skin, bones, cartilages, ligaments, internal organs, etc.;
  • regulation of metabolic processes, including the water-salt one;
  • filling in and maintenance of contacts in the intercellular matrix;
  • stimulation of regeneration and active formation of cells, strengthening the cell membranes;
  • maintenance of skin elasticity and delicate toning;
  • help in removal of toxic substances and metabolic side products;
  • strengthening the vessel walls, restoration of their tone and elasticity

Collagen is a protector and helper for our body. The protein reduces the negative impact of bad ecology. Every resident of modern cities should take protein.

How to identify collagen deficiency

The lack of fibrillar protein has a profound impact on the activities of all organs and structures. Do not see it is quite difficult. When its level decreases, you will certainly feel one or some of such symptoms:

  • impairment of the state of the skin, accelerated formation of wrinkles, and loss of elasticity;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • decrease in immunity and general weakness;
  • retardation of growth of the nail plates and hair, impairment of their state;
  • increase of susceptibility to caries, occurrence of gingival problems;
  • dysfunction of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • accelerated development of the degenerative joint disorders;
  • increased brittleness of the bones;
  • impaired visual acuity

The manifestations of depression state and proneness to depression are also possible. Let us also not forget about the skin problems. The rashes by the analogy with the adolescent ones are very likely.

Provoking factors: who should take biological additives with marine collagen

After the age of 25 years, the activity of fibrillar protein production reduces. From this age, we lose 1 percent of collagen every year. Gradually, this process is accelerated. And in people older than 30, collagen is destructed quicker than is synthesized. Why does it happen? The answer is simple: everything is interconnected in our body. Thus, fibroblasts are involved in the formation of collagen. Just they are involved in its destruction together with collagenase. Destructed proteins are absorbed by the macrophages. Simultaneously, the amino acids involved in collagen synthesis are released. The destruction is accelerated with aging, and, on the other hand, the production is retarded. We begin to lose more fibrillar protein than restore. Such negative factors may accelerate the process of depletion of collagen reserves:

  • bad ecology;
  • frequent stresses;
  • love of sunbaths;
  • smoking and systematic consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • hormone imbalances;
  • period of menopause;
  • increased physical exertions

As you can see, practically everyone needs in the additional sources of this protein. Indeed, all of us are in the risk group.

Collagen sources: let us correct our diet

It is not difficult to get additional amount of protein. Firstly, it is worth to saturate your menu with the food products wherein it is contained:

  • sea fish;
  • turkey, chicken and rabbit meat;
  • seafoods;
  • gelatin

Interesting fact: pork and beef contain collagen too. However, it is poorly consumed, and eating poultry meat is much useful. It is also worth to add to menu the food products wherein the substances involved in collagen synthesis are present:

  1. Vitamin C. The citrus fruits, greenery, sweet pepper, currant, cabbage and kiwifruit contain large amounts thereof.
  2. Copper. It may be got from cacao, spinach, nuts, and cod liver.
  3. Iron. Saturate your diet with liver, red meat, legumes, oatmeal, and buckwheat.
  4. Vitamin A. It is contained in carrots, caviar, and egg yolks.
  5. Zinc. The oysters and nuts are rich in it.

Important: collagen containing in food is consumed only partially. It is necessary to take special biologically active additives with marine collagen additionally. You will be able to maintain sufficient level of this protein only with biologically active additives.

How collagen influences the body: advantages of intake

The basic protein, which is involved in building of all organs and structures. Having added biological additives with marine collagen to your diet, you will appreciate such pleasant changes:

  • skin becomes more resilient and tender;
  • dryness and feeling of tightness are abolished;
  • skin tonicity is restored, ptosis is resolved;
  • general state of the skin cover is improved, the number of acne and blackheads is reduced;
  • occurrence of wrinkles is retarded; skin becomes smoothed out and looks fresher;
  • musculoskeletal system grows strong; risk of being traumatized is reduced;
  • recovery after surgeries and traumas is accelerated;
  • risk of developing the degenerative joint disorders is reduced;
  • destruction of cartilaginous tissue is reduced;
  • elasticity of ligaments and muscle fibers is improved;
  • vessels return to the normal tone;
  • lipid and water balance are stabilized, which decreases the amount of subcutaneous fatty deposits in the problem areas (hips, abdomen, and buttocks);
  • prevention of oncological diseases, in particular skin cancer

Important: collagen is used in the professional medicine too. It is administered to the patients with burn injuries. Collagen is also indispensable in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases (osteochondrosis, arthrosis, etc.) and after traumatization of joints and ligaments.

Benefits from marine collagen for the skin

Protein is known as an effective antiaging agent. It is actively used in cosmetology and other spheres of the beauty industry. However, the additives with marine collagen being administered orally or taken by mouth are far more useful. Indeed, in this form, protein will be able to restore and maintain skin beauty in the total body and not only in its separate areas. The intake of marine collagen leads to such results:

  • increase and intense moisturization of the corneal layer – main protection of the skin from the detrimental effect of external factors;
  • restoration and strengthening of subcutaneous collagen matrix – helps to smooth out already existing wrinkles and prevent the occurrence of the new ones;
  • increase in fibroblast density – the skin improves resilience and becomes more elastic;
  • intense moisturization – the natural balance is restored; skin dryness and tightness are abolished;
  • accelerated cell renewal and regeneration - fibrillar protein triggers the mechanism of natural rejuvenation;
  • stabilization of inflammatory responses – the number of blackheads, acne, and other local problems is reduced;
  • antioxidant action – the cells are protected from detrimental effects of free radicals

Marine collagen makes skin fresher and velvety. The natural elasticity is restored, resilience is increased, and the formation of wrinkles is retarded. It is a real source of beauty and youth.

Let us strengthen musculoskeletal system with marine collagen

This protein is a real builder. Indeed, practically all structures in our body are erected thereof. The beneficial effect of marine collagen is applied to the health of the musculoskeletal system too:

  • increase in bone strength – reduces the risk of fractures and fissures in the accidental falls and during sports activities;
  • strengthening the cartilaginous tissue – collagen is used for prevention of the degenerative joint disorders and during the treatment thereof;
  • bone mineral density increases, bone regeneration is accelerated;
  • restoration of synovial fluid – an indispensable substance retarding the process of cartilage wear;
  • improvement of elasticity of the tendons and ligaments;
  • acceleration of rehabilitation after traumas, elimination of strictures and pain syndrome

Marine collagen raises the level of physiological comfort and restores motility. This substance is indispensable both in everyday life and during the period of rehabilitation after traumas.

Perfect hair and nails with marine collagen

The strength and gloss of curls, well-groomed manicure and pedicure are simple beauty secrets. Marine collagen will help to maintain an appearance in perfect state. The intake of biologically active additives with this substance has a whole spectrum of beneficial effects:

  • moisturization of hair and the skin of the head – dryness is eliminated, the curls get healthy gloss and elasticity;
  • restoration of mineral balance – the nails become less brittle and stop splitting;
  • intense nourishment of each hair follicle and protection of strands throughout the length – one may forget about split ends

The processes of growth and regeneration are also accelerated. The hair and nails become stronger, and the negative effect of temperature extremes, unhealthy diet, and ultraviolet radiation is reduced. Indeed, the protein protective barrier is restored and is functioning again in full force.

Specificities of marine collagen using

In order that fibrillar protein is ingested well and is not eliminated by the enzymes of gastric juice, it should be taken with meals. Use one capsule two times daily. Marine collagen is close to the human one by its molecular structure. It does not cause allergic reactions. However, do not forget to study the formula of biological additive attentively. Indeed, other useful ingredients may be found in the formula of biologically active additives along with this protein. If you have an idiosyncrasy of one of them, it is worth to give up taking the preparation.

Balanced biological additive with COLLAGEN PRO marine collagen

The care of your health shall be maximally simple and safe. More and more people select New Life complex biological preparation COLLAGEN PRO. A unique biologically active additive in the formula of which three the most multifunctional active components are included:

  • marine collagen;
  • vitamin C;
  • pollen

Such formula is proposed not for nothing. Indeed, the components are interconnected and have complex effects on the body. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. The intake of vitamin C results in such positive changes:

  • reduction of effects of free radicals;
  • strengthening immunity and activation of barrier functions of the body in the cold season;
  • general toning;
  • reduction of the effects of stresses;
  • stimulation of intellectual activity;
  • surge of vigour and energy

Ascorbic acid also contributes to better uptake of marine collagen accelerating its absorption in the walls of the intestine. The pollen is a powerful source of minerals, vitamins. and nutrients. Its formula contains more useful nutrients than honey. The pollen has complex beneficial effects as follows:

  • involved in the synthesis of human collagen;
  • repairs damaged body cells and regenerates tissues, it is worth to be taken during the period of rehabilitation after surgeries and traumas;
  • strengthens cardiovascular system;
  • increases physical and mental activity;
  • stimulates immunity;
  • improves total metabolism;
  • increases hemoglobin level

The pollen also reduces meteosensitivity helping the body quickly adapt to drastic weather changes.

COLLAGEN PRO: complex help for beauty and health

Taking dietary additives, you will appreciate such pleasant changes:

  • improvement of the state of the skin, its moisturization, intense nourishment and toning;
  • accelerated regeneration;
  • retardation of the formation of new wrinkles and reduction of the already existing ones;
  • elimination of skin defects such as acne, blackheads and peeling;
  • hair and nail strengthening;
  • prevention of the degenerative joint disorders such as osteochondrosis, arthrosis, etc.;
  • strengthening bone tissue;
  • improvement of elasticity of muscle fibers, tendons and ligaments;
  • activation of synovial fluid production;
  • immunity improvement;
  • relief of joint pain;
  • improvement of the overall health

The nature gives a man all necessary for healthy and long life. There is nothing to do but listen, understand, study and use these gifts for the benefit. The specialists of New Life LLC successfully coped with this task having developed COLLAGEN PRO capsules. Balanced natural biological additive created for strengthening of your health, maintenance of youth and natural beauty.

The natural cosmetics and dietary supplements can be bought in the official NEW LIFE online shop. You will also receive all tools for successful development of own MLM business. Take care of your health and develop together with us.

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