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Frequent stresses inevitably result in the increase of psychological stress, emergence of anxiety and irritability. These unpleasant phenomena may result in the development of serious problems not only in the psycho-emotional sphere, but in the activities of the body in the whole. Therefore, it is important to maintain hormonal balance. Biologically active additive BALANCE PRO containing L-Tryptophan and alpha-lipoic acid will help therein.

L-Tryptophan and alpha-lipoic acid are natural substances with marked antioxidant properties stimulating serotonin and melatonin production.

How stress works

Even insignificant irritative factors activate production of two hormones: adrenalin and cortisol. The first hormone places the body in operational readiness quickening heartbeat and directing blood to the muscles. It helps physically fight back an enemy, run away and adequately meet the dangerous situation. Conversely, cortisol results in the storage of energy. However, in case of long-term effects of these hormones, there begin the negative processes. In case of permanent influence of stresses, not only nervous system is affected. The following symptoms are manifested:

  • irritability and even aggression;
  • apathy;
  • melancholia, proneness to depression;
  • compression headaches;
  • feeling ill, feeling of chronic fatigue;
  • sleep disturbance, insomnia;
  • failures in the cardiovascular performance;
  • stomach aches;
  • acne eruption;
  • skin becomes loose, pale and sometimes acquires a greyish tint

The long-term effects of stress also result in a decrease in immunity and general weakness. Therefore, it is important to eliminate negative consequences of provoking factors. L-Tryptophan and alpha-lipoic acid will help therein. These components are contained in New Life biologically active additive BALANCE PRO. What for we need these substances, and how they are working, we shall talk in more details.

L-tryptophan: generator of good mood and sound sleep

This indispensable amino acid is the most important neurotransmitter and protein element. L-Tryptophan is not synthesized by the body, and it is necessary to replenish its balance on regular basis consuming the biologically active additives. The amino acid is involved in serotonin and melatonin synthesis. These hormones are responsible for a good mood and healthy sleep. L-Tryptophan is used when treating sleep disorders, depressions, and psychosomatic disorders.

Let us improve mood

Tryptophan deficiency results in the reduction of serotonin level. You can see this problem by mood changes and a sense of oppression. The phobias become aggravated; anxiety appears, which only increase cortisol production. This results in sleep disturbances and mood changes, which cause depression and neuroses. Such symptoms and signs are easily explained. Indeed, if L-Tryptophan is deficient, serotonin or happiness hormone is not synthesized. There appear the unpleasant signs influencing on your cognitive abilities and the condition of the body in the whole.

Let us normalize sleep

L-Tryptophan is involved in the synthesis of melatonin or sleep hormone. This fact has been proved by clinical trials. Taking tryptophan, you will appreciate the following spectrum of beneficial effects:

  • quick falling asleep;
  • increased duration of deep sleep stage;
  • elimination of anxiety;
  • improvement of the quality of rest during sleep

It is useful to know: the food products will also help to stabilize melatonin level. This hormone is contained in tomatoes, strawberries, and grape.

How to increase the level of L-Tryptophan

This amino acid is contained in protein food. The following food products may be considered as the natural antidepressants:

  • poultry meat;
  • eggs;
  • seafoods (shrimps and crabs);
  • black chocolate;
  • nuts;
  • cacao;
  • cheeses (both hard and processed);
  • porridges (buckwheat, millet and oatmeal);
  • legumes

But it is worth remembering that natural products contain a small amount of tryptophan. Daily requirement of this amino acid in the body is 1 g in pure form. It is better to add useful phytopreparation BALANCE PRO to your diet. Each capsule contains required amounts of amino acids in a highly digestible form.

How tryptophan influences on the body

This amino acid increases serotonin level and normalizes melatonin production. You will appreciate the following pleasant changes: improvement of mood and psycho-emotional background;

  • stimulation of memory function;
  • stabilization of physiological status;
  • migraines and headaches are endured easily and soon subside at all;
  • improved working ability

Emotional stability also has an effect on the appearance. When taking BALANCE PRO Complex, you will see, that you are looking younger, more beautiful and fresher. Indeed, our mood influences on the state of the skin and the body in the whole.

Specificities of using tryptophan

The amino acid is known for its minimum number of adverse effects, which is confirmed by multiple clinical trials. But, in very rare cases, in overdose, the nausea and/or dizziness may occur. Such symptoms occur in those who begin taking tryptophan associated with taking medications, which increase serotonin level. Use of biologically active additives containing this amino acid may also cause drowse. Indeed, L-Tryptophan stimulates melatonin synthesis. After taking, it is no good to drive vehicles or operate hazardous equipment.

Alpha-lipoic acid: healthy weight loss and neutralization of free radicals

This is an organosulfur antioxidant, which is synthesized by the body. We also get some amount of alpha-lipoic acid with food. But what for we need an additional amount of antioxidant? We shall try to understand.

The matter is that just alpha-lipoic acid contributes to healthy weight loss and also neutralizes free radicals. This component is used in many dietary supplements and weight loss medications. In many cases, the acid is designated as lipoic or thioctic. This is one and the same ingredient.

Alpha-lipoic acid: benefit is proved

The antioxidant is involved in the important biochemical processes, including carbohydrate, energy and lipid metabolism. The substance is easily absorbed, transported, and utilized by the cells of different tissues, including the brain cells. Regularly maintaining the balance of alpha-lipoic acid, you will appreciate the following positive changes:

  • strengthening the immunity;
  • improvement of the state of the skin;
  • enhancement of the effects of vitamins C and E;
  • delicate weight loss;
  • depression of appetite;
  • improvement of glucose uptake;
  • surge of vigour

It is important: alpha-lipoic acid is a real energy generator and cell protector. It stabilizes the process of lipid metabolism, normalizes cholesterol level and increases the effect of L-carnitine. The substance also improves glucose uptake, which prevents deposition of fatty cells. Alpha-lipoic acid attracts by a prolonged antioxidant effect. Indeed, after neutralization of oxygen molecule, it restores and continues to bind free radicals.

When one should take alpha-lipoic acid

An antioxidant is absorbed by the cells of the central nervous and cardiovascular systems. It is recommended to take substance in addition to the treatment and prevention of the following diseases:

  • diabetes mellitus and its complications, including diabetic polyneuropathy;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • liver injuries;
  • Alzheimer disease;
  • autoimmune disorders;
  • malignant tumours;
  • alcoholism;
  • eye diseases, including glaucoma and cataract;
  • intoxications related to poisonings (food, toxic and heavy metals);
  • hyroid dysfunctions,
  • migraines and meteosensitivity;
  • memory impairments

Alpha-lipoic acid has a beneficial impact on the nervous system at that. This substance reduces the negative effects of stresses, relieves emotional tension and raises the resistance of neurons to the neurodegenerative disorders.

Important: alpha-lipoic acid is included in the composition of professional sports nutrition. It will help you to manage weight, reduce number of fatty cells and gain muscle mass.

Specificities of using alpha-lipoic acid

When taking, it is important to stick to recommended dosage. For healthy people, 75 mg daily are indicated. But if there are any deviations, it is worth to consult an attending medical doctor. The medical professionals may administer up to 600 mg of alpha-lipoic acid daily depending on your diagnosis and state.

It is important:this antioxidant as well as biologically active additives have no contraindications. However, for the persons suffering from diabetes mellitus, it is worth to consult a doctor. Indeed, the improvement of glucose uptake will require following insulin dosage adjustment. It is also necessary to consult a doctor if you receive hormone treatment because alpha-lipoic acid may reduce treatment efficiency thereof.


It is useful and safe New Life biologically active additive. The medication contains optimal dosage of tryptophan and alpha-lipoic acid. When taking these capsules regularly, you will see Such changes:

  • mood improvement;
  • sleep normalization;
  • reduction of irritability;
  • weight normalization;
  • increase in emotional stability;
  • surge of vigour and energy;
  • memory improvement and concentration of attention

You will also see that your skin has become fresh and resilient, and the overall health has normalized. BALANCE PRO is a prerequisite of good mood, healthy sleep and productive day!
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