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Benefit of Antioxidants

Worsening of skin state, decrease in immunity, and problems with working capacity are the most widespread signs of antioxidant deficiency. These are useful vitamins, which inhibit the oxidation processes and promote combating free radicals. Biologically active supplement ANTIOXIDANT PRO from New Life helps to fill in their gap.

What for we need antioxidants?

While breathing, the body actively takes oxygen giving vital force all cells, organs and systems. But O2 has also the reverse side of the medal. This is an oxidation process. It is the one damaging cell membranes inhibiting the overall condition of the body. Antioxidants are essential for reducing the side effects of the vitally important oxygen. These substances have the following spectrum of useful effects:

  • reducing the formation of free radicals;
  • reducing damage to the body caused by UV radiation;
  • inhibition of the decomposition process affected by harmful microorganisms;
  • normalization of metabolic processes at a common or local level;
  • strengthening and activation of the antioxidant system

As you can see, the antioxidants are essential. Just these small helpers promote normal body function and activation of its barrier functions.

Types of antioxidants, and wherein they are found

The classification of these substances is sufficiently simple. They are divided into two large groups:

  1. Natural. They get into our body with fruits, vegetables and some foodstuffs. They are digested rather poor. In order to receive a daily dosage, it is necessary to consume wholesome food in very large quantities.
  2. Synthesized. These are the artificial substances by no means. These are the same antioxidants, which have already been derived from the foodstuffs.

It is possible to know in which foodstuffs the antioxidants are present from the Table.

List of foods high in antioxidants

| Antioxidant | Foodstuffs wherein it contains | Useful effect | |-------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Resveratrol | It is contained in the skin of black grape varieties and in red wine | Prolongation of life, normalization of brain function, protection of cells against carcinogens, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, control of cholesterol level | | Vitamin C | All types of citrus fruits, wild rose, sweet red pepper, freshly picked tea leaves, and spinach are rich in it | It improves immunity, eliminates inflammations, stimulates regeneration and normalizes the function of the blood circulatory system | | Vitamin E | It is contained in vegetable oils, seeds of cereals, legumes, and yolk | It protects the cell membranes against the effects of free radicals | | Vitamin A | It is derived from the butter, milk, cod liver oil (a lot of it is contained in the liver and caviar) | It is involved in oxidation-reduction processes and in bone tissue strengthening, exerts impact on lipid metabolism | | Vitamin B2 | To raise its level, it is worth to saturate the diet with milk, yeast, legumes, yolks, and meat | It normalizes vision and improves the function of the immune system; it is involved in the transport of oxygen and synthesis of proteins, fats and carbohydrates | | Vitamin B6 | It is contained in red salmon and sardine, wheatgrass, bran bread, raw (sunflower) seeds and sweet pepper. | It is involved in amino acid metabolism by which improves bran function, stimulates memory and improves mood | | Vitamin B5 | Pantothenic acid is present in liver, peanut, lentil, champignons, hen eggs, pea, cabbage, oat flakes, and in the onion | It helps to carry out an oxidation process without damage to the body as well as is involved in the synthesis of fatty acids, hemoglobin, and “good” cholesterol | | Omega-3 | It is contained in sea fish, other seafoods and in cod liver oil | It exerts a complex beneficial effect on the whole body activating the functions of the immunity and the central nervous system, normalizing functioning of the cardiovascular system and strengthening the locomotor apparatus. Cod liver oil also exerts a beneficial effect on the skin and is recognized as a drug for cancer prevention. | | Omega-6 | A lot of it is contained in vegetable oils, nuts, sesame, and pumpkin seeds | It retards aging process, reduces “bad” cholesterol level, helps to cleanse body of toxins and free radicals, and improves memory |

Dietary supplement ANTIOXIDANT PRO from New Life

Important: the antioxidants are contained in foodstuffs in small amounts and in poorly digestible form at that. For this reason, we often suffer from shortage of these useful substances though have saturated our diet with necessary fruits, vegetables and fish.

In order to replenish balance, one ought to take biological supplements in convenient concentrated dosage form. Biologically active supplement ANTIOXIDANT PRO has been created with this end in view. It contains antioxidants, which are the most important for the body: resveratrol as well as vitamins A, C and E. We shall talk about benefit of these substances in more details.


This is a unique compound in which the black varieties of grape are rich. The most of it is contained in the skin, but resveratrol is also present in the grape pulp and seeds. At the same time, the antioxidant does not varnish anywhere during the process of fermentation. For this reason, its highest concentration is present just in wine.

An interesting fact: the French longevity became the cause of careful attention to resveratrol. Indeed, with an abundance of fatty foods, they rarely suffer from cardiovascular pathologies and amaze with longevity. The UN scientists took interest in such phenomenon, especially by contrast with the Americans. Indeed, with the similar diet, “bad” cholesterol level in their blood is frequently raised as well as the cases of diabetes mellitus and oncological diseases are sufficiently common.

The scientists have carried out dozens of studies, but the secret turned out to be fairly unexpected. Indeed, the distinguishing feature of the French way of life is the love of red wine. As it turned out, just it contains a sufficiently high concentration of medicinal resveratrol antioxidant.

Taking account of the fact that the wine may result in the development of an alcohol addiction and also has very many negative properties, they begin to isolate resveratrol. In a concentrated form, it exerts a beneficial action on the whole body without side effects. The properties, which are worth singling out from among the beneficial effects, are as follows:

  • activation of regeneration at the cellular level;
  • reduction of risk of heart attack and cerebral accident;
  • prevention of premature aging;
  • improvement of blood supply to the brain and stimulation of the function of the central nervous system;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • help in removal of toxins;
  • reducing “bad” cholesterol level;
  • improvement of overall health, burst of energy and vivacity;

Daily intake of resveratrol is contained in each capsule of ANTIOXIDANT PRO Complex.

The substance is presented in concentrated and digestible form, which makes it possible to bring to light its useful properties one hundred percent.

Complex intake of antioxidants has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole

Vitamin A

It is extremely important for the function of our body. Indeed, vitamin A carries out the whole complex of beneficial actions:

  • antioxidant cell protection;
  • neutralization of active forms of oxygen;
  • immunity improvement at the cellular level;
  • bone tissue strengthening;
  • involvement in lipid metabolism

Vitamin A deficiency results in decrease in immunity, frequent colds and impaired vision quality.

You may also observe dryness of the skin covers. However, in case of shortage of this antioxidant, the higher risk of developing malignant tumors is considered to be the most dangerous factor.

As you can see, it is important to restore balance of vitamin A in the body. The intake of our biological supplement ANTIOXIDANT PRO will help in it.

Vitamin C

This is one of the most important micronutrients. Indeed, vitamin C exerts the following useful effects:

  • normalization of immunity;
  • protection against free radicals;
  • stimulation of natural rejuvenation;
  • skin protection against UV radiation;
  • enhancing collagen production;
  • acceleration of the regeneration process;
  • prevention of myocardial diseases;
  • retardation of physiological aging process;
  • strengthening of bone structures and teeth;
  • tonifying of vessels;
  • reducing the risk of developing malignant growths

Vitamin C also exerts the anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, it is worth taking in the season ofcolds.

Vitamin E

This is a substance with a complex of beneficial effects:

  • neutralization of free radicals;
  • active protection of cell membranes against damage;
  • stimulation of tissue regeneration;
  • inhibition of oxidation of unsaturated lipid membranes;
  • normalization of muscle tone;
  • stabilization of the endocrine profile

Vitamin E is digested from foodstuffs rather difficult, and to consume vegetable oil on an empty stomach is not very pleasant. Therefore, it is rather convenient to restore balance of this antioxidant having taken a course of ANTIOXIDANT PRO.

Complex intake of antioxidants exerts a beneficial effect on the whole body. These substances not only eliminate free radicals, but also reduce the risk of developing dangerous diseases. For this reason, it is so important to include useful and safe biological supplement ANTIOXIDANT PRO in your diet. This a complex of easily digestible antioxidants effectively influencing on your body. It can be ordered from New Life.

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