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Immerse yourself in the world of relaxation and tranquility with a new unique series of SQUALENE creams

Natural cosmetics is the cosmetics of the future, which bases were provided as far back as in the times of ancient Egypt, and the mankind has been studying and improving it over many centuries. Nowadays, the market of ingredients for natural cosmetics is surging, and, indeed, this is good news! Really, we get more and more opportunities to create unique vegetable and ecological cosmetic products carefully affecting the skin, eliminating the cause of the problem, and when being used regularly, help to maintain health and skin youth for a long time.

NEW LIFE SQUALENE face cream and body cream are a vivid example of the innovative solutions with a harmonious and optimal combination of natural components. They promote the deep nourishment and moisture of the skin having a light texture at the same time, which makes it possible to use them for all types of skin and at any time of day or night.

“I began to use it and have been using the cream for three weeks, this nourishing cream is very well suited for face. I like it.” @katrintrembach

Amaranth oil contains from 8% squalene

Thanks to Amaranth oil entering into the composition, these cosmetic products will help to saturate skin with many useful substances such as antioxidants, vitamins, carotenoids, phospholipids, and phytosterols. We use oil made by using a unique special technology, by the cold pressing method, which preserves the molecular composition of the plant seeds “alive” and natural. Even ancient Aztecs named amaranth “God’s golden seed” and considered that it was able to strengthen the human mind and body.

Nowadays, the unicity of amaranth natural composition is confirmed with the help of scientific studies as well as its ability qualitatively increase cellular respiration and promote the active growth of healthy and young skin cells due to the record content of Squalene in the oil (8 percent).

“It makes facial skin more resilient!” @nelya taranukha

SQUALENE creams series

Squalene is an unsaturated natural carbohydrate and antioxidant being one of the major components of the skin surface, it accounts to approximately 15 percent of sebum and ensures barrier properties to the skin. It is formed in the liver of every person and exerts the nourishing and antibacterial effects on the skin. The largest amount of Squalene is in babies reducing with advancing age, and after 25 years old, the amount of Squalene in our body considerably decreases. For this reason, in order to replenish reserves of this substance in the epidermis, it is necessary to use cosmetic products on its base, and the effect will be immediate.

Squalene quickly penetrates into the skin softening and moisturizing it, restores complexion, accelerates cell renewal as well as gives the face freshness and youth. Another great discovery connected with Squalene as the cosmetic ingredient lies in its ability to act as a “transportation vehicle” for other substances. With its help, the useful components penetrate much deeper into the skin, thus exerting more powerful positive effect.

“Startling face cream. The papillomas disappear. I recommend it.” Olena Kumaritova

Essential oils promote deep regeneration of skin cells and improve its barrier properties

SQUALENE face cream is a multicomponent natural product, borago and evening primrose vegetable oils enter into its composition besides amaranth oil. They restore lipid balance and protective properties of the epidermis, nourish and soften it. Hyaluronic acid of two types is responsible for moisture and resilience of the skin saturating it with water and protecting from the degradation of collagen fiber. The cream promotes the acceleration of skin cell regeneration and has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. If SQUALENE cream is used regularly, the complexion becomes even, the wrinkles are reduced, and the skin becomes velvety and radiant.

“Very good cream, I am using it, thank the Company, cream is tender, I love it!” Oleksandra Ostrovska

SQUALENE body cream is designated for all types of skin and promotes the activation of defence mechanisms inside the derma. It contains D-Panthenol and bioactive vegetable extracts of willow bark, camomile, lavender, bur marigold, and marigold, which effect is aimed at the restoration of the epidermis as well as its deep moisturizing, improvement of the elasticity and skin tonicity, elimination of damage caused by negative effects of UV radiation, and creation of defence barrier protecting against negative environmental factors.

Juniper, thyme and hyssop essential oils impart delicate and pleasant aroma to SQUALENE series products and have the aromatherapeutic effect. After application, a light fragrance remains on the body, which gives a complete relaxation. These essential oils also promote the deep regeneration of skin cells and improve its barrier properties.

“I have tried to use face cream, the quality is very good, the texture is tender, a light fragrance and pleasant sensations,” Iryna Chorna

The products may be ordered in the official New life online shop.

Squalene moisturizes the skin, has antioxidant properties (that is, it delays aging) and protects against negative environmental influences

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