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Interview with Liliia Mits, a fitness coach, coach of group fitness classes.

What is the most important for any athlete?

Everybody wants to have healthy body and every time attain better objectives! For me personally, as for a coach, it is important a fast and light food intake with the maximum dose of energy as well as the product natural composition. For this reason, I discovered New Life exclusive cocktails, which ideally supplement my food ration with a proper balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

“We drink our favourite cocktail with pleasure as a family!” Olena Ivan.

Is it possible to build an athletic frame only by athletic trainings failing to follow a meal plan or permanently keeping to diets?

The nutrition is very important not only for a professional athlete, but also for every person. FOHT-DIET cocktails are based on the definition of concept of a diet as the mode of life and balanced dietary pattern for provision of the human body with all essential nutrients and trace elements.

The extensive use and popularity of specific diets with the severe restrictions in eating of definite food products or a complete rejection of carbohydrates or fats is only injurious to health and brings the digestive system and the body totally to the state of stress. FOHT-DIET products are based on the principles of healthy eating, which help to keep in shape as well as are suited for fat-loss programs.

FOHT-DIET protein shakes have a unique composition

What are the advantages of series FOHT-DIET cocktails, and why it is worth to select just them?

The composition of all FOHT-DIET cocktails is unique, specially developed as an ideal complex supplement to the daily food ration so as to enrich our body with all essential elements, for healthy and high-quality life with a minimum number of calories and a proper balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

1 or 2 full-course meals or quick meals may be replaced by them, which will help to get out of the habit of eating fast food, semi-finished products and a large amount of sweeties. FOHT-DIET protein cocktails are not only useful and low calorie, but also have a pleasing and saturated taste, for this reason, it is easy and tastily to eat healthy and keep regular meals with them!

“A supper may be easily replaced. I do so, and it is great!!!” Liudmyla Driukova Kulinich

FOHT-DIET series consists of 6 cocktails. How are they different from one another?

A line of FOHHT-DIET cocktails has a wide range not only by taste palette, but also by the functional trend. Nutrient protein cocktails GOJI BERRIES AND CHIA SEEDS, STRAWBERRY and CITRUS will help to reduce daily calorie intake and at the same time, to provide the body with all essential nutrients and trace elements.

The composition of these cocktails includes soya and serum proteins as well as non-fat dry milk so as to provide the body with a gradual protein breakdown non-overloading the digestive system.

The perfect formula is great for additional nutrition, both while losing weight and maintaining muscle mass

“Wonderful taste, the sheer pleasure,” Olha Khyzhniak

It its turn, coconut milk, which enters into the composition of cocktail, excellently boosts body defences and strengthens immunity due to the useful vegetable fats. Sublimated fruits carry the maximum concentration of useful elements, which are completely absorbed by the body thanks to their naturality.

In particular, unique goji berries are the Tibetan symbol of longevity. They contain 12 amino acids (among them 8 ones are indispensable), 21 minerals and a large amount of vitamins, polysaccharides, flavonoids and other biologically active substances. For example, goji berries contain vitamin C 500 times as much than oranges and lemons, and iron 15 times as much than spinach. Thanks to such composition, these Tibetan berries can strength immunity, restore metabolic processes as well as they improve breakdown and removal of fat from the body.

And what is unique in the composition of protein cocktails?

APPLE and VANILLA protein cocktails are joined together by the maximum content of serum protein. This is an animal protein being distinguished by a high biological value and quick absorption, which is very important for muscle gains as well as for prevention of the degradation of muscle tissues in the period of diet and the reduction of calorie intake.

“Delicious and useful! @luday.golovach

Serum protein also increases the level of glutathione in the body – the major antioxidant produced by the human body, which promotes strengthening immunity, normalizes arterial pressure, and reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol and triglycines in the body. These cocktails have a fresh taste of apple and a delicate taste of vanilla, they give positive emotions and saturated the body with protein, which is the structural material for each small cell of out body, and improves metabolic processes.

“Very good cocktail on water, tasty and nourishing!” Liudmyla Nahorna

A cocktail can replace 1-2 full meals or snacks

What is the specificity of cocktail with cellulose differing it from all other FOHT-DIET cocktails?

The MANGO cocktail with proteins and cellulose besides soya and serum protein contains an additional complex of vitamins and minerals as well as two types of vegetable cellulose. Soluble cellulose is the apple and citrus pectins.

“It is very important that every New Life cocktail boosts immunity” @ludmilatikhomyrova

And insoluble flax and milk thistle cellulose. Pectins have the astringent and coating properties, which has a beneficial impact on the gastrointestinal mucosa, help to cleanse the body, effectively remove toxins and waste as well as to retard carbohydrate absorption and create a feeling of satiety for a long time. Flax and milk thistle cellulose is the food fibers, which are not absorbed by the body, but are the most powerful natural antioxidants.

“My sonny and I also liked it and drink for breakfast!!!”, Olena Ivan

Milk thistle cellulose accelerates removal of food from the gastrointestinal tract retaining the absorption of carbohydrates, fats and salts. It also exerts the anti-inflammatory effect and is indicated for combined prophylaxis of liver diseases. Taking of fax cellulose normalizes function of intestines and metabolism, boosts immunity and promotes the reduction of blood cholesterol level. Flax has the antioxidant property and helps to normalize salt and water balance. MANGO cocktail is a wonderful way to trigger the restorative processes as well as to carry out the body cleansing.

“This year there was a poor strawberry crop, but I have been drinking cocktail instead of supper during 3 months”, Olena Prazdnikova

Taking of FOHT-DIET cocktails along with the individual approach will help to balance a dietary regimen and enrich the body with all essential elements for healthy and high-quality life.

FOHT-DIET cocktails

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